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  1. The Iberian Peninsula /aɪˈbɪəriən/,[a] also known as Iberia,[b] is a peninsula in the southwest corner of Europe, defining the westernmost edge of Eurasia. It is principally divided between Spain and Portugal, comprising most of their territory, as well as a small area of Southern France, Andorra an

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    Derivative works of this file: Map Iberian Peninsula 750-pt.svg España750.jpg Map Iberian Peninsula 750-en.svg: Licensing.

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    image/svg+xml Iberian Peninsula geological map PePeEfe mapa geológico Península Ibérica SVG geological map Iberian Península Iberian Peninsula geological map PePeEfe mapa

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    The Iberian peninsula is Europe's main hub to South and Central America, Madrid's Barajas airport is the most important of the hubs, while Portela airport in Lisbon is the main gateway to Brazil due to historic ties between the two countries.

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    Template:Other versions/Map Iberian Peninsula 1030 Template:Other versions/Map Iberian Peninsula 1037 This file was derived from: Península ibérica 750.svg

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    Descripción: Shows Iberian peninsula in 125 including important roads, legionnaire locations and gold/silver mines. "NOTE: Barbarian names and locations as in the works of Tacitus (written ca. 100 AD)"

  7. The Iberian Peninsula: Part 1 – Conquest by the Muslims ... › 2015/08/13 › the-iberian-peninsula-part

    Aug 13, 2015 · During the Middle Ages, the Iberian peninsula housed many small states, including Castile, Aragon, Navarre, León and Portugal. The five kingdoms of Iberia in 1360. Towards the end of the 12th century, the whole Muslim and Christian Iberian Peninsula became known as “Spain” ( España, Espanya or Espanha ).

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    The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) is a feline. It is similar to other versions of the genus Lynx. The Iberian lynx has almost no threats except man, but it is almost extinct. It is the most endangered cat species in the world. Iberian lynx hunt rabbits. One of the strategies aimed at saving the species is to change the use of land in such a way ...

  9. Oppression in the Iberian nations of Spain and Portugal is the operative word as they each concurrently endured nearly four-decades of dictatorship up to the mid-1970s, with Spain’s despot Francisco Franco (1892-1975) emerging after a bloody three-year civil war to rule with a fascist iron-fist from 1939 till his death in 1975.

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    Jun 23, 2016 · Jun 23, 2016 - Iberian Peninsula - Celtic Boundaries - 200 BC

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