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    Illtud (also spelled Illtyd, Eltut, and, in Latin, Hildutus), also known as Illtud Farchog or Illtud the Knight, is venerated as the abbot teacher of the divinity school, Bangor Illtyd, located in Llanilltud Fawr (Llantwit Major) in Glamorgan, Wales.

    • 6 November
    • Llanilltud Fawr, Glamorgan Wales, Loc Ildut, Sizun, Pen-ar-Bed/Finisterre, Brittany
  2. Nov 15, 2023 · The Importance of Illtud and the Arthurian Legends Plaque on St Illtyd’s Church, Llantwit Major, Wales, via It is clear that Illtud was a very important religious figure in early Dark Age Britain. He was famous for his intelligence, and he shared that with others by setting up a school.

    • Caleb Howells
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  4. Name: Illtud. Date of birth: c. 475. Date of death: c. 525. Gender: Male. Occupation: Celtic saint and one of the founders of monachism in Britain. Area of activity: Religion. Author: Emrys George Bowen.

  5. illtud, st. One of the founders of Welsh monasticism; b. c. 450;d. c. 525. The earliest account of Illtud (Illtyd or Latin, Iltutus ) is in the vita by St. samson, written c. 610 in Brittany, where Illtud is said to have been a disciple of St. germain of auxerre, who ordained him priest.

  6. Aug 24, 2020 · Philip Morris, the former Archdeacon of Margam, has written the first in-depth history of the monastery of St Illtud’s, which dates back to around the year 500 AD. It has been called the ‘Christian axis of the Celtic-speaking people’ and the ‘University of the Atlantic of the Celtic period’ by church historians.

  7. St. Illtud Farchog (Born c.AD 480) (Latin: Iltutus; English: Iltwit) Illtud the Knight was the son of a little-known Breton prince, named Bican. His mother was Lady Rhieinwylydd, daughter of Prince Amlawdd Wledig and traditionally sister of High-Queen Ygerna. These parents sent him, as a young lad, to learn the ways of the church, apparently ...

  8. 6 November. Died c. 505 (another source says 450-535); feast day formerly on July 7. Illtud, clearly an outstanding figure and one of the most celebrated Welsh saints, laboured chiefly in the southeastern part of the country.

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