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  1. Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia, and its use is encouraged throughout the Indonesian archipelago. It is regulated in Chapter XV, 1945 Constitution of Indonesia about the flag, official language, coat of arms, and national anthem of Indonesia. [4]

  2. Several prominent languages spoken in Indonesia sorted by language family are: Austronesian languages – ( Malayo-Polynesian branch). Most languages spoken in Indonesia belong to this family, which in... Javanese language, spoken in Yogyakarta, Central Java and East Java. Speakers also found in ...

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    • Pronouncing the Indonesian Alphabet Start with vowel sounds. Bahasa Indonesia has 5 vowels, the same as in English. However, in Bahasa Indonesia, vowels typically only make one sound.
    • Having Basic Conversations Use "apa kabar" as a general greeting. "Apa kabar" is technically how you would say "How are you?" However, the phrase is also used as a general greeting, similar to "hello."
    • Building Your Vocabulary Label items around your home with Indonesian words. Use sticky notes to easily expand your vocabulary. Search online for the words in Indonesian for common items around your home, then apply the sticky note with the word to the item.
    • Expanding Your Knowledge Use simplified grammar rules and sentence structure. Unlike most languages, Bahasa Indonesia doesn't have a lot of complex grammar rules that you might be familiar with from other languages, including English and European languages.
  3. Feb 24, 2023 · Indonesian, an Austronesian language, is a standardized form of Malay and is spoken throughout Indonesia. About 30 million people speak Indonesian as their first language and a further 140 million speak it as a second language. Indonesia is a linguistically diverse region where the Indonesian language acts as a lingua franca, even though there ...

  4. Aug 25, 2017 · What Languages Are Spoken In Indonesia? The Official Language Of Indonesia. The Indonesian language is one of the major languages spoken in Indonesia. The... Regional Languages Of Indonesia. Javanese is a major language in Indonesia which is predominantly used in the island of... Other Major ...

  5. Indonesian language (Indonesian: Bahasa Indonesia) is the national and official language of Indonesia and is used in the entire country. It is a form of the Malay language . It is the language of official communication, taught in schools and used for broadcast in electronic and digital media.

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