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  2. Ingeborg of Sweden (1263–1292) - Wikipedia

    Ingeborg of Sweden (1263–1292), was a Swedish Princess and Countess consort of Holstein-Plön by marriage to Gerhard II, Count of Holstein-Plön. She was the daughter of Valdemar, King of Sweden, and Sophia of Denmark. Marriage. Ingeborg married on 12 December 1275 Gerhard II, Count of Holstein-Plön. The couple had four children:

  3. Ingeborg Magnusdotter of Sweden - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ingeborg Magnusdotter of Sweden (born 1277, Sweden – d. 5 April or 15 August 1319) was Queen of Denmark by marriage to King Eric VI. She was the daughter of King Magnus III of Sweden and Helwig of Holstein.

  4. Ingeborg Eriksdotter of Sweden - Wikipedia

    Ingeborg Eriksdotter (c. 1212 – 17 June 1254) was a Swedish princess and duchess, daughter of King Eric X of Sweden, eldest sibling of King Eric XI of Sweden, wife of Birger Jarl, and mother of Kings Valdemar and Magnus III of Sweden. Biography. Ingeborg was born the eldest daughter of King Eric X of Sweden and his wife Richeza of Denmark.

  5. Ingeborg of Sweden (1878-1958) - Find A Grave Memorial

    Danish and Swedish Princess, Oldenburg Dynasty. 20th century legal spelling of name. Duchess of West Gothland, consort of Prince Carl, thus Princess of Sweden and (until 1905) also of Norway. Second daughter and fifth child of Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark. Her mother was originally Princess of Sweden, the only...

  6. Princess Ingeborg of Denmark, Princess of Sweden | Unofficial ...

    Born at Charlottenlund Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark on August 2, 1878, Ingeborg Charlotta Carolina Frederikke Louise was the second daughter and fifth child of the future King Frederik VIII of Denmark and his wife, Lovisa of Sweden. Unusually for the time, Ingeborg and her siblings were raised mostly by their mother rather than servants.

  7. Princess Ingeborg of Sweden | The Royal Watcher

    Aug 02, 2018 · Princess Ingeborg of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway was born on this day in 1878. The second daughter and fifth child of Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and Princess Louise of Sweden, she was the nice of Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia, Queen-Empress Alexandra of the United Kingdom, and King George I of Greece.

  8. Ingeborg Sweden - Historical records and family trees ...

    Ingeborg Magnusdotter of Sweden was born in 1277, in Sweden, to Magnus III of Sweden and Hedwig of Holstein. Ingeborg married Eric Vi of Denmark in June 1296, at age 19. Ingeborg passed away in 1319, at age 42 in Roskilde. Ingeborg Eriksdotter Princess Of von Sachsen-Lauenburg (born Sweden), 1253 - 1302

  9. Princess Ingeborg of Denmark - Wikipedia
    • Overview
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    Princess Ingeborg of Denmark, was a Princess of Sweden by marriage to Prince Carl, Duke of Västergötland. She was the daughter of Frederick VIII of Denmark, and the maternal grandmother of Harald V of Norway, Baudouin and Albert II of Belgium, the matrilineal great grandmother of Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and the paternal great-grandaunt of Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

    Princess Ingeborg was born on 2 August 1878 at Charlottenlund Palace north of Copenhagen as the second daughter and fifth child of Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark, the eldest son of King Christian IX. Her mother was Princess Louise of Sweden, the only surviving child of King Charles XV of Sweden and IV of Norway.

    In May 1897, Princess Ingeborg was engaged to Prince Carl of Sweden, Duke of Västergötland. Prince Carl was the third son of King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway and Sophia of Nassau. They were, therefore, first cousins once-removed. They married on 27 August 1897 in the chapel at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen and spent their honeymoon in Germany. The couple had four children: Princess Margaretha of Sweden, later Princess Axel of Denmark. Princess Märtha of Sweden, later Crown ...

    The marriage was popular because she was the granddaughter of the popular king Charles XV of Sweden and IV of Norway, and she was a personal success in Sweden. It was said of her, that of all foreign princesses married into the Swedish royal house, she was perhaps the one best suited to be Queen consort of Sweden, and for the first ten years in Sweden, she almost was: from 1897 until 1907, Queen Sophia seldom attended public events and Crown Princess Victoria spent most of her time abroad for he

    She lived a harmonious family life, and the family was known as "The happy family". The children were given a simple upbringing, and expected to learn household tasks: they were, for example, given a real stove in their play cottage, on which they cooked real food. She and Carl lived an informal and intimate family life with their children. Ingeborg was admired for her handling of the economic difficulties experienced when a bank they invested in crashed in 1922 and they had to sell their home.

  10. Ingeborg Birgersdotter (from Sweden), Folkunga (c.1253 - 1302 ...

    Jun 06, 2020 · Titular Burggraf von Magdeburg 1269. married () INGEBORG of Sweden, daughter of BIRGER Magnusson Jarl, Regent of Sweden & his first wife Ingeborg Eriksdotter of Sweden (-30 Jun 1302, bur Mölln). The Cronica Principum Saxonie refers to the wife of "Iohannem [filium Alberti dux]" as "filiam regis Suecie".

  11. Family of Bjorn + ERIKSSON and Ingeborg

    Uppsala, Sweden Note on Husband: Bjorn + ERIKSSON Björn (ruled 882-932[1]) was the father of Olof (II) Björnsson and Eric the Victorious, and he was the grandfather of Styrbjörn the Strong, according to the Hervarar saga and Harald Fairhair's saga.