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  1. interest - Wiktionary

    Aug 10, 2020 · interest (third-person singular simple present interests, present participle interesting, simple past and past participle interested) To engage the attention of; to awaken interest in; to excite emotion or passion in, in behalf of a person or thing. It might interest you to learn that others have already tried that approach.

  2. Interest (emotion) - Wikipedia

    Interest is a feeling or emotion that causes attention to focus on an object, event, or process. In contemporary psychology of interest, the term is used as a general concept that may encompass other more specific psychological terms, such as curiosity and to a much lesser degree surprise.

  3. If compound interest of 1 percent is paid on a loan of $100 each year the amount of interest paid will slightly increase and after 70 years the amount owed will have grown to $200 and the interest payment will have increased to $2. Rule of 73 Edit. 1 percent compound interest on $100 will cause the amount to double to $200 in about 70 years.

  4. Season 1 | Person of Interest Wiki | Fandom

    Season 1 of Person of Interest is the first season of the series. Season Plot Lines The growth and development of Finch and Reese's collaboration to save irrelevant numbers, and Reese's growing awareness of what the Machine can do., The evolution of the partnership and friendship between Reese and Finch., Reese's history with Jessica Arndt contrasted with his time in CIA, including his ...

  5. Interest - Wikipedia

    Interest is a fee paid bi a borrower o assets tae the ainer as a form o compensation for the uise o the assets. It is maist commonly the price paid for the uise o borraed money, or money earned by deposited funds.

  6. Season 4 | Person of Interest Wiki | Fandom

    Season 4 of Person of Interest is the fourth season of the series. Season Plotlines Samaritan has replaced The Machine as Research., Reese, Finch, Shaw and Root forced to live double identities created by The Machine to prevent Samaritan to look for them., The Machine still receives the irrelevant numbers and leads Finch to a new headquarters., Reese as a NYPD detective and partner with Fusco ...

  7. Pinterest is an internet photo sharing and publishing service that allows users to "Pin" pictures they like and upload their own recommendations to their "pinboards". Users can visit other pinboards, 're-pin' images to their own pinboards, or 'like' photos. The site was c

  8. Why Wikipedia Decided to Stop Calling Fox a ‘Reliable’ Source ...

    When Karen Bass, a congresswoman from Los Angeles, emerged in late July as a serious contender to be Joe Biden’s running mate, interest in her Wikipedia page exploded. By that time, the entry ...

  9. Love Interest Wiki | Fandom

    Muscular Love Interest Love Interests with muscular physiques, Genius Love Interests Love Interests with High IQs, Princes Love Interests that are princes of a country, One-Shot Love Interest Love Interests that appear one time only and are never seen again The Love interest is who a character in media is in love with. Sometimes it is this love that helps move the story along. This wiki is ...

  10. Bank rate - Wikipedia

    Bank rate, also known as discount rate in American English, is the rate of interest which a central bank charges on its loans and advances to a commercial bank.The bank rate is known by a number of different terms depending on the country, and has changed over time in some countries as the mechanisms used to manage the rate have changed.