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  1. Is Berlin the biggest city in Europe? - Answers

    No. Moscow is the biggest city in Europe. ... Moscow, Istanbul, Paris, London, and Berlin are the biggest.

  2. How Berlin Became the World's Second Turkish Capital

    Berlin has the largest Turkish community outside of Turkey, with most Turks residing in Kreuzberg, Neukölln, and Wedding after having come to the city in the 1950s, 60s and 70s as part of a post-war employment treaty called Gastarbeiter, or ‘guest worker’.

  3. Statistics on European cities - Statistics Explained

    In 2017, 9 of these 20 functional urban areas contained capital cities: the largest area that was not centred upon a capital city was Milano in northern Italy. Six of the top 20 functional urban areas were in Germany, four in the United Kingdom, three in Italy and two in Spain.

  4. Is Berlin Europe's next big tech hub? | PitchBook

    Mar 11, 2019 · One contender for the tech hub crown is none other than the German powerhouse Berlin. Being the largest city in Europe's biggest economy is sure to come with some advantages, and VCs are taking notice when weighing their options amid the political turmoil which is plaguing Germany's counterparts.

  5. The Richest Cities In Europe - WorldAtlas

    Aug 01, 2017 · The largest sectors within these cities include financial services, technology, and insurance services. Additionally, 12 Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters located here. 4. Madrid, Spain. With a 2012 GDP of $356.372 billion, the metropolitan region of Madrid in Spain comes in as the 4th richest city in Europe.

  6. Europe's Most Livable Cities | Far & Wide

    Düsseldorf is also home to Europe's third-largest community of Japanese, so hop over to Schadowstrasse for some superb Japanese food. 3. Munich (world: 3) After Berlin, Munich is Germany's most visited city. The annual Octoberfest alone draws some 7 million visitors to its beer tents.

  7. 11 Best Cities in Germany for Working Expats and ...

    Berlin is the start-up capital of Europe, and global companies such as Volkswagen, Pfizer, and SAP have locations in the city. With opportunities such as this, Berlin is perfect for expats seeking jobs in science and technology. 2. Is Frankfurt A Good Home for Expats. As the 5th largest city in Germany, Frankfurt is an alpha world city—a ...

  8. Here's Why This Country Is Europe's "Biggest Brothel"

    It might seem like a craze contained to sexually liberated Berlin, but it’s a familiar sight across Germany, as the country has been dubbed “Europe’s Biggest Brothel.” Sex work in Germany saw a dramatic increase after its legalization in 2002.

  9. Bombing Berlin: The Biggest Wartime Raid on Hitler's Capital ...

    On the morning of March 18, 1,329 bombers and 733 fighters of the US Eighth Air Force formed up over England and set a course for northern Germany. The target for 1,221 of the bombers was Berlin. This mission, the largest wartime raid on Berlin, was intended to support the Russian advance by attacking rail stations and tank factories in the city.

  10. Top 10 gayest cities in Europe • Nomadic Boys

    Oct 08, 2020 · We found Prague to be the most gay friendly city in East Europe, setting a standard for other countries in the region to up their game when it comes to LGBTQ rights. The gay scene here isn't as vast as the likes of Berlin or London, but it is a warm and receptive community.