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    The project includes rebuilding or upgrading 27 train stations, such as Bentleigh and Clayton railway stations, or laying new track, such as the duplication of 1.2 km of single track railway between Heidelberg and the rebuilt Rosanna stations.

  2. Colossus computer - Wikipedia › wiki › Colossus_computer

    Flowers used some of his own money for the project. This prototype, Mark 1 Colossus, contained 1600 thermionic valves (tubes). It performed satisfactorily at Dollis Hill on 8 December 1943 and was dismantled and shipped to Bletchley Park, where it was delivered on 18 January and re-assembled by Harry Fensom and Don Horwood.

  3. VR History - Victorian Railways › vr history › history

    Nowingi towards Millewa South, 15.69 miles (VR took line over from Construction Branch and last six miles dismantled back to Raak Plain gypsum loading site and line rented to Brunswick Plaster Mills, later CSR Ltd) VR Annual Report 1942. 1943: May 8: Victoria's (and Australia's) worst rail-road crash.

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    The golf course, the Millcreek Golf and Learning Center, opened in 2001. PRPs donated the nine-hole golf course and driving range property to Millcreek Township in 2002. The golf course closed in 2011 to allow construction of the Erie International Airport runway extension project. The project required 12 acres of the cap and golf course area.