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  1. Jan 21, 2023 · Isabella, wife of England's King Edward II, has come to be known as "the She-Wolf of France" for her part in her husband's abdication and her son's ascension to the throne. She was born in Paris in 1295. The exact date of her birth is not known. Her father was King Philip IVof France; her mother was Queen Joan I of Navarre.

  2. Jan 17, 2023 · Isabella of Aragon (1247 – January 28, 1271), infanta of Aragon, was, by marriage, Queen consort of France in the Middle Ages from 1270 to 1271. She was the daughter of James the Conqueror, king of Aragon, Valencia, and Majorca, and his second wife Violant of Hungary, daughter of Andrew II of Hungary.

  3. 6 days ago · Isabella of France led an invasion of England that led to her husband's abdication. Isabella was married to Edward II of England in 1308 at age 12, while the latter was 23. The two would have four children together, but Edward II had a habit of forming deep and intense relationships with male favorites.

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  4. 3 days ago · Opposition to the regime grew, and when Isabella was sent to France to negotiate a peace treaty in 1325, she turned against Edward and refused to return. Isabella allied herself with the exiled Roger Mortimer, and invaded England with a small army in 1326. Edward's regime collapsed and he fled into Wales, where he was captured in November.

  5. 4 days ago · Isabella of Hainault 1170–1190: Philip II Augustus King of France 1165–1223 r.1180–1223: Agnes of Merania d.1201: Alexios II Byzantine Emperor 1169–1183: Agnes of France 1171– aft. 1204: Andronikos I Komnenos Byzantine Emperor c. 1118 –1185: Theodore Branas: Ramon Berenguer IV Count of Provence 1198–1245: Louis VIII King of France ...

  6. Jan 19, 2023 · Ferdinand II, byname Ferdinand the Catholic, Spanish Fernando el Católico, (born March 10, 1452, Sos, Aragon [Spain]—died January 23, 1516, Madrigalejo, Spain), king of Aragon and king of Castile (as Ferdinand V) from 1479, joint sovereign with Queen Isabella I. (As Spanish ruler of southern Italy, he was also known as Ferdinand III of Naples and Ferdinand II of Sicily.) He united the ...

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