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  1. In 1420, Henry's son married Isabella's sister, Catherine of Valois. On 29 June 1406 Isabella, aged 16, married her paternal cousin, Charles (1394–1465), aged 11, who became Duke of Orléans in 1407 following the assassination of his father. Isabella died in childbirth on 13 September 1409 at the age of 19.

  2. Isabella of Valois (1313 – 26 July 1383) was a Duchess of Bourbon by marriage to Peter I, Duke of Bourbon. She was the daughter of Charles of Valois by his third wife Mahaut of Châtillon . [2]

  3. Isabella (French: Isabelle, IPA: [izabɛl dɑ̃ɡulɛm]; c. 1186 / 1188 – 4 June 1246) was Queen of England from 1200 to 1216 as the second wife of King John, Countess of Angoulême in her own right from 1202 until her death in 1246, and Countess of La Marche from 1220 to 1246 as the wife of Count Hugh.

  4. Philip VI (French: Philippe; 1293 – 22 August 1350), called the Fortunate (French: le Fortuné) and of Valois, was the first king of France from the House of Valois, reigning from 1328 until his death in 1350.

  5. Marie of Valois (1309 – 23 October 1331), was the eldest daughter of Charles of Valois by his third wife Mahaut of Châtillon. She was a member of the House of Valois . One of her five children was Queen Joanna I of Naples .

  6. Isabella of Bourbon, Countess of Charolais (c. 1434 – 25 September 1465) was the second wife of Charles the Bold, Count of Charolais and future Duke of Burgundy. She was a daughter of Charles I, Duke of Bourbon and Agnes of Burgundy , and the mother of Mary of Burgundy , heiress of Burgundy.

  7. By her father's third marriage with Mahaut of Châtillon, Joan became the half sister of Isabella of Valois and the Empress Blanche of Valois, who married Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor. Countess of Hainaut and Holland. Joan married William I, Count of Hainaut, on 23 May 1305. They had been engaged in 1302, and the marriage took place to ensure ...

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