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  1. Italians in France - Wikipedia

    Other notable examples of Italians that played a major role in the history of France include Cardinal Mazarin, born in Pescina was a cardinal, diplomat and politician, who served as the chief minister of France from 1642 until his death in 1661.

  2. Istrian Italians - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    The Istrian Italians are the descendants of the romanized Illyrian population of Istria during the Roman Empire. During the Middle Ages they were under domination of many political states, like the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire. But most of the time they were under the Republic of Venice, especially during the Renaissance.

  3. Italians | Article about Italians by The Free Dictionary

    a nation (natsiia, nation in the historical sense); the basic population of Italy.In Italy there are about 54 million Italians (1971, estimate). Large groups of Italians live in other European countries (more than 2.5 million), North and South America (about 7 million), North Africa (about 200, 000), and Australia (more than 200, 000).

  4. Italians - Culture

    Italians are citizens of Italy (the Republic of Italy). Italy occupies 301,230 square kilometers and in 1990 had an estimated population of 57,657,000. The modern nation of Italy, unified in 1861, is a mix of different regional cultures who, prior to unification, formed a number of distinct political, linguistic, and cultural units.

  5. Italianers - Wikipedia

    Italianers Totale bevolking: ca. 140 miljoen Belangrike bevolkings in: Italië 56 miljoen Brasilië 32 miljoen Argentinië 20,5 miljoen Verenigde State 17,3 miljoen Venezuela 1,7 miljoen

  6. Itàlia - Viquipèdia, l'enciclopèdia lliureàlia

    El 87,8% dels italians s'identifiquen com a catòlics, encara que només el 37% és practicant o membre actiu. Altres grups cristians a Itàlia són els cristians ortodoxos orientals i els cristians ortodoxos grecs. Els grups protestants més nombrosos són els pentecostals i evangèlics que agrupen 500.000 persones.

  7. Italians and Race (Race and Nationality) - Orville Jenkins

    Genetic History of the Italians Genetics & Anthropology in Sicily Maltese Language — Ethnologue Maltese People — Wikipedia Out of Africa's Eden by Stephen Oppenheimer People of Italy Information on the genetic (ethnic) history of the Italian Peninsula. A map on this site shows how many different languages were spoken in ancient times. OBJ ...

  8. Are Italians considered Anglo-Saxons? - Quora

    Apr 29, 2018 · Norman Expansion by 1130. Source: Normans - Wikipedia The Italians are not considered Anglo-Saxons. The Italians speak a Latin language and have a Mediterranean type culture.

  9. Famous Welsh Italians - Welsh Italians

    Bruna's Book, Italians in Wales and their Cultural Representations, 1920s-2010s, available 8 March 2014: A Welsh Italian Day at the Women's Institute Bruna on BBC Radio Wales, Sunday 24th March 2013

  10. Are Italians considered white? - Quora

    First and foremost, the TROLL going under the false ID ‘Anna Ventura’ ironically calling Jon Cervini a troll, is an obsessed sick no life spreading HIS BS all over You Tube and Quora.

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