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  1. Bernard was born in 797, the son of King Pepin of Italy, himself the son of the Emperor Charlemagne. In 810, Pepin died from an illness contracted at the siege of Venice. Bernard married a woman named Cunigunde, but the year of their marriage, and her origins, are obscure. Some sources refer to her as "of Laon".

  2. The prime minister of Italy is the head of the Council of Ministers, which holds effective executive power in the Italian government. The first officeholder was Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, who was sworn in on 23 March 1861 after the unification of Italy.

  3. The list of most wanted fugitives in Italy is a most wanted list published by the Italian Interior Ministry. It includes criminals who are considered extremely dangerous by the Polizia di Stato. The list was started in July 1992. There are also lists of 100 and 500 most wanted fugitives of lesser importance.

  4. In the early 1990s, Italy faced significant challenges as voters—disenchanted with political paralysis, massive public debt and the extensive corruption system (known as Tangentopoli) uncovered by the "Clean Hands" (mani pulite) investigation—demanded radical reforms. The scandals involved all major parties, but especially those in the ...

  5. Intermeccanica (1959-present), manufacturer in U.S.A. but it was founded in Italy; Iso (1938–1974, 2017–present) Italcar (2005–present) Italdesign Giugiaro (1968–present) Manifattura Automobili Torino (2014–present) Mazzanti Automobili (2002–present) Osella (1965-present) Pambuffetti Automobili (2018-present) Picchio (1996–present)

  6. Hugh (c. 880–947), known as Hugh of Arles or Hugh of Provence, was the king of Italy from 926 until his death. He belonged to the Bosonid family. During his reign, he empowered his relatives at the expense of the aristocracy and tried to establish a relationship with the Byzantine Empire.

  7. A decree of the President of the Republic of 24 December 1986 granted arms to the Cuirassiers. The shield is divided vertically party per pale: on the dexter side, an escutcheon Gules bearing the letters "RI" (for Repubblica Italiana) on the breast of an eagle displayed Sable (emblem of the Royal House of Savoy) on a field party per pall of Azure (for Turin), Argent (for Florence) and Gules ...

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