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  1. Feb 25, 2018 · Ivan was the son of the Prince of Moscow Daniil Aleksandrovich. After the death of his elder brother Yury, Ivan inherited the Principality of Moscow. Ivan participated in the struggle to get the title of Grand Duke of Vladimir which could be obtained with the approval of a khan of the Golden Horde.

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    The Kremlin of Moscow. The three cathedrals located in the heart of Moscow represent the credo of Ivan the Terrible as the first Russian tsar. The Tsar’s place in the Cathedral of Dormition tells us the story how the Monomakh hat got from Byzantine emperors to the tsars of Moscow and became the main crown of the Russian sovereigns.

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    May 12, 2015 · Ivan I Daniilovich Kalita (Ива́н I Дании́лович Калита́ in Russian; 1288 – 31 March 1341 was Prince of Moscow from 1325 and Grand Prince of Vladimir from 1328...

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    W hen Ivan succeeded his father in 1462 the unification of the Muscovite state, though by now a foregone conclusion, was by no means complete. By the end of Vasily's reign the hegemony of Moscow over the other Great Russian principalities and states had been confirmed.

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    Ivan Vasilievich, later known as Ivan the Great, was born on January 22 1440 in Moscow, Russia. Ivan family consisted of two brothers and his parents were Maria Yaroslavna and his father was Grand Prince Vasili II. Ivan father was thought as a ruthless and cold person.

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    Ivan the Terrible, the first Russian tsar, ruled the country in the 16th century. It was long ago, yet in present-day Moscow we can find a lot of landmarks associated with his reign. Visit the key ones on our historical tour of Moscow.

  7. Ivan the Terrible In 1533, a three-year-old boy mounted Russia?s throne - Ivan IV (1533-1584), later known as Ivan the Terrible. He was the first Russian Grand Prince to call himself Tsar of All Russia (the word tsar is derived from Caesar).

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    Ivan I was a tax collector fo the Mongols. He was nicknamed Ivan Moneybags. The Russian Orthodox church made Moscow his residence. The church became an ally of Moscow's princes. By the 1400's Moscow became the strongest of the Russian states under the Mongols.

  9. The Grand Prince of Moscow beginning in 1325 was Ivan I. He was frugal. He had saved his money and was known as Ivan the moneybag. He bought property, enhancing himself economically. A nearby rival town, Tver, rebelled against Mongol rule, and Ivan sided with the Mongols. The Mongols and Muscovites crushed the rebellion, around the year 1326 ...

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    28 March 1584, Moscow, Russia Simeon II: no image: None: Anastasia Mstislavskaya (great great granddaughter of Ivan III) 1575 1576 5 January 1616, Moscow, Russia Feodor I: Son of Ivan IV: 31 May 1557, Moscow, Russia Irina Feodorovna Godunova one daughter: 28 March 1584 17 January 1598 17 January 1598, Moscow, Russia