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    Grand Duke Ivan IV of Ryazan (Ivan Vasilyevich of Ryazan; Russian: Иван Васильевич, великий князь рязанский; April 14, 1467, Moscow – May 29, 1500) was the ruler of the Grand Duchy of Ryazan (1483–1500). He was the elder son of Grand Duke Vasily Ivanovich of Ryazan and Grand Duchess of Ryazan Anna Vasilyevna, younger sister of Ivan III of Moscow.

    • Princess Agrafena Babich-Drutskaya
    • Grand Duchess Anna of Ryazan
  2. Ivan V of Ryazan - Wikipedia

    Grand Prince Ivan V of Ryazan (Ivan Ivanovich, Russian: Иван Иванович Рязанский) (1496 – 1533 or 1534) was the last nominally independent ruler of Ryazan Principality. Ivan V of Ryazan was the only son of Prince Ivan Vasilievich and his wife, Agrippina (Agrafena) Vasilyevna, Princess Babich-Drutskaya.

    • Grand Duchess Agrafena of Ryazan, nee Princess Babich-Drutskaya
    • unknown
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    Ivan Ivanovich was the last Prince of Ryazan. His captivity, and the subsequent escape to Lithuania, allowed the Principality of Moscow to fully include its lands in the composition of its possessions, and the title of the Grand Prince of Ryazan in the title of Sovereign. Staroyazansky destiny Fedor Vasilyevich Tretynoy (1483 - 1503)

  5. Ivan Ivanovich, photo, biography

    Ivan Ivanovich (knee 22) from the family of Ryazan kn. Son of Ivan IV and Prince. Agrippina Vasil'yevna Babichev. Genus. in 1496, Mr.. Conducted. Prince Ryazan in 1500 - 1516 he. + 1534 g. In 1516, Grand Prince Vasily III Ivanovich was told that Ivan came into

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  7. Principality of Ryazan

    The Grand Duchy of Ryazan existed from 1078 when it was separated from the Chernigov Principality as the provincial Murom Principality.

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    1308–1327 Ivan I of Ryazan * son of Yaroslav III, executed in Golden Horde 1327–1342 Ivan II Korotopol * his son, died in exile 1342–1344 Yaroslav IV of Ryazan * his cousin, usurped the throne with Tatar help

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    Before his death ( 1456 ) Ivan Fedorovich entrusted his reign and son to the Moscow prince, who after eight years of administration of Ryazan through his deputies returned her to Vasily Ivanovich , who reigned until 1483 in full harmony with his neighbors and with Moscow, which was greatly promoted by his wife, Princess Anna Vasilyevna , the sister of Ivan III .

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    During one of such visits, Anna of Ryazan gave birth to Ivan IV of Ryazan on April 14, 1467. It is plausible that the inclusion of the Pronsk udel into the Principality of Ryazan was possible due to Anna's mediation between her husband and Ivan III.