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    Ivan Sutherland was born in 1938 in Hastings, Nebraska. The child of a civil engineer father, he found it very exciting to discover how things worked. He knew early on that he wanted to be an engineer, and he learned how to program a computer while he was in high school.

  2. Ivan Edward Sutherland was born May 16, 1938 in Hastings, Nebraska, United States. His ancestry is from Scotland and New Zealand, despite his claim that he was named for his mother’s fictitious Russian lover. His father was a practicing engineer with a Ph.D. in civil engineering.

  3. Feb 12, 2019 · Ivan Sutherland is often referred to as the “Father of Computer Graphics.” His work at Harvard, MIT, the University of Utah, and DARPA aided the development of networking, graphics, virtual reality, and robotics technologies.

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    Using the program, Ivan Sutherland showed that computer graphics could be used for both artistic and technical purposes in addition to demonstrating a novel method of human–computer interaction . History [ edit] Sutherland was inspired by the Memex from "As We May Think" by Vannevar Bush.

  5. Mar 2, 2019 · Ivan Sutherland Sutherland, de 80 años, hoy sigue enseñando en la Universidad Estatal de Portland, en Oregon. A mediados de febrero, el legendario Sutherland recibió el premio Fronteras del...

  6. Ivan Sutherland described the “Ultimate Display” concept that could simulate reality to the point where one could not tell the difference from actual reality. His concept included: A virtual world viewed through a HMD and appeared realistic through augmented 3D sound and tactile feedback.

  7. Dec 4, 2022 · Ivan Sutherland wrote Sketchpad in 1963 as part of his Ph.D. thesis, for which he got the Turing Award in 1988 and the Kyoto Prize in 2012. Sutherland has made several contributions to the field of computer graphics and interaction.

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