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    Jacques-Louis David (French: [ʒaklwi david]; 30 August 1748 – 29 December 1825) was a French painter in the Neoclassical style, considered to be the preeminent painter of the era.

  2. Jacques Louis David (August 30, 1748 - December 29, 1825) was a highly influential French painter in the Neoclassical style, considered to be the prominent painter of the era.

  3. Jacques-Louis David | Biography, Art, & Facts | Britannica › biography › Jacques-Louis-David

    Jacques-Louis David, (born August 30, 1748, Paris, France—died December 29, 1825, Brussels, Belgium), the most celebrated French artist of his day and a principal exponent of the late 18th-century Neoclassical reaction against the Rococo style. David won wide acclaim with his huge canvases on classical themes (e.g., Oath of the Horatii, 1784).

  4. Jacques-Louis David - Art, Napoleon & Facts - Biography › artist › jacques-louis-david

    Oct 20, 2020 · Jacques-Louis David was a painter of great renown as his style of history painting helped end the frivolity of the Rococo period, moving art back to the realm of classical austerity. One of David's...

  5. Jacques Louis David was born into a prosperous family in Paris on August 30, 1748. When he was about nine his father was killed in a duel and his mother left him with his prosperous architect uncles.

  6. Jacques-Louis David - National Gallery of Art › collection › artist-info

    Jacques-Louis David was born in Paris in 1748, the son of an iron merchant who was killed in a duel (an unusual circumstance in his social class), when the boy was nine years old. His mother, Geneviève Buron, came of a family of builders and architects and was distantly related to the painter François Boucher (1703-1770).

  7. Jacques-Louis David - 97 artworks - painting › en › jacques-louis-david
    • Paris, France
    • December 29, 1825
    • August 30, 1748
    • Patrocles Jacques-Louis David 1780.
    • The Oath of Horatii Jacques-Louis David 1784.
    • Lictors Bearing to Brutus the Bodies of his Sons Jacques-Louis David 1789.
    • The Tennis Court Oath, 20th June 1789 Jacques-Louis David 1791.
  8. Jacques-Louis David, The Death of Marat – Smarthistory › jacques-louis-david-the-death

    Detail, Jacques-Louis David, Death of Marat, 1793, oil on canvas, 165 x 128 cm (Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels) At the height of the Reign of Terror in 1793, David painted a memorial to his great friend, the murdered publisher, Jean Marat.

  9. Jacques Louis David.docx - Jacqueline Hammond ARTS-1301 5 ... › Jacques-Louis-Daviddocx

    Jacqueline Hammond ARTS-1301 9/1/20185 Jacques Louis David; The Death of Socrates and other Works Upon first glance, David’s works, particularly his depiction of Socrates’s death, seem to suggest he was a great admirer of philosophy as he expressed and demonstrated many of its teachings in his art.

  10. The Death of Socrates - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Death_of_Socrates

    The Death of Socrates (French: La Mort de Socrate) is an oil on canvas painted by French painter Jacques-Louis David in 1787. The painting focuses on a classical subject like many of his works from that decade, in this case the story of the execution of Socrates as told by Plato in his Phaedo.

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