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  1. Jagged Alliance – Wikipedia › wiki › Jagged_Alliance

    The Jagged Alliance Wiki. Abgerufen am 30. April 2010 (englisch). Linkkatalog zum Thema Jagged Alliance bei (ehemals DMOZ) Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13 Projektseite. Abgerufen am 19. August 2009 (englisch). JA2 Stracciatella, Projektseite auf (englisch) (ursprüngliche Projektseite). Abgerufen am 28.

  2. Jagged Alliance — Вікіпедія › wiki › Jagged_Alliance

    Jagged Alliance (укр. Зруйнований Альянс ) — перша гра з однойменної серії , що вийшла в 1994 . Представник жанру тактичних рольових ігор .

  3. Game Basics | Jagged Alliance Online Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Game_Basics

    1 Headquarters 1.1 Merc Pool and Storage 1.2 HQ Buildings 1.3 Reputation 1.4 Cash and Gold 1.5 Shops 1.6 Fuel 2 World Map 2.1 Contract Selection 2.2 Contract Requirements 2.3 Mission Selection 2.4 Mission Rewards 2.5 Merc Deployment 2.6 Start Mission 3 Missions 3.1 Selecting Mercs 3.2 Movement 3.3 Weapon Element 3.4 Turn Logic 3.5 Shooting 3.6 Range 3.7 Target Areas 3.8 Damage 3.9 Status Effects

  4. Jagged Alliance 2Wikipedia › wiki › Jagged_Alliance_2

    Jagged Alliance 2 on Sir-Techin vuonna 1999 julkaisema taktinen roolipeli. Peli sijoittuu fiktiiviseen Arulcon saarivaltioon, jota johtaa diktaattorimaisin ottein kuningatar Deidranna. Pelaaja johtaa palkkasoturijoukkoa, jonka entinen hallitsija palkkasi suorittamaan vallankumousta. Arvosteluissa peli menestyi erinomaisesti.

  5. Jagged Alliance: Back In Action: Secure the Radar Stations ... › wiki › Jagged_Alliance:_Back_In

    Jagged Alliance: Back In Action: Secure the Radar StationsQuest Pickup - Hospital (G15) VinceQuest Location - Sam Station (I18), (H23 Map2) and (L4 Map2)Quest Finish Point - Vince (G15) Take all Radar stations, go back to the Hospital, talk to Vince, he will thank you and offer to join you.

  6. Jagged Alliance: Back In Action: In The Sky ... - Rileye Wiki › wiki › Jagged_Alliance:_Back_In

    Jagged Alliance: Back In Action: In The Sky With DiamondsQuest Pickup - Drassen Airport (A23) (Skyrider)Quest Location - Farm (H12)Quest Finish Point - Drassen Airport (A23) (Skyrider) This is very hard to find but once you see it, you will kick yourself, it's very close to the barn head south from the opening of the barn and you will hit a heap of trees, its hiding in there. When you return ...

  7. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action: Crossfire: The guardian of ... › wiki › Jagged_Alliance:_Back_in

    Quest - The guardian of the volcanoQuest Pickup - Arjuna (Temple of Kalaya Yuta)Quest Location -Quest Finish Point - Due to quest Items not spawining I did not complete this quest, I will update it on my second playthrough.

  8. Customizable Facilities | Jagged Alliance 1.13 HAM Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Customizable_Facilities

    HAM 3.4 and 3.5 offer new features for increasing the importance of Sector Facilities. HAM 3.5 externalized the entire system, allowing modders and players to move facilities around, and even create entirely new ones! 1 Principles and History 1.1 JA2 1.13 - The Alma Gun Range 1.2 Bonus at the...

  9. Externalized Strength-to-Weight Ratio | Jagged Alliance 1.13 ... › wiki › Externalized_Strength

    Mercs in Jagged Alliance 2 have a certain carried weight limit that is based on their Strength score. A merc can only carry a certain amount of equipment before he or she becomes "encumbered". Encumbrance causes loss of APs and overall speed (in both Tactical and Strategic modes), as well as increased loss of breath when performing physical ...

  10. Jagged Alliance 2 is a fantastic turn-based strategy game where you command mercenaries trying to liberate a small island nation from a tyrannical queen.The ...

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