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  1. Nov 7, 2016 · During interviews with James E. Files, he told of his military record which included a stint with the 82nd Airborne Division concerning covert operations in Laos in 1959. He said he was supposedly out of the military but was actually being paid by the U.S. Army and specifically mentioned

  2. Nov 8, 2015 · James Files, 72, says that he was the man on the grassy knoll back on November 22, 1963, and that he fired the bullet into Kennedy's head that ultimately killed him. Now, the CIA and other US...

  3. Apr 8, 2016 · James Files (Sutton) was born in Alabama in January 1942. His family moved to Chicago and he lived there until joining the United States Army and served with the 82nd Airborne in Vietnam (1959-60). After leaving the army he met Charlie Nicoletti , a leading figure in the Chicago Mafia.

  4. To be honest, many have talked, James Files being one of them. One thing Files knew was that the government wouldn’t pursue him if he claimed to have shot Kennedy, as it blow the government’s falter case against Oswald. Files was an underworld player, and as such knew many of the more publicized underworld figures.

  5. James Files, JFK, The badge man conspiracy Grassy Eric Wheat 1.2K subscribers Subscribe 3.5K views 5 years ago I put these clips together and highlighted the badge man at the end, please look and...

  6. Apr 21, 2018 · James Earl Files (alias James Sutton) claims to the be the shooter on the grassy knoll, November 22, 1963. He claims he shot President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He also claims Lee Harvey Oswald did not fire a shot. (1) Files revealed this while incarcerated for the attempted murder of two police officers in 1994.

  7. Apr 4, 2007 · James Files and the Dented Cartridge Case by Allan Eaglesham BRIEF CONTEXT In 1987, John Rademacher dug up two .222-caliber cartridge cases from the north side of Dealey Plaza [1]. One was located about 10 ft east of the picket fence close to the pergola, and the other was some 60 ft to the northeast [2].

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