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    Jason Michael Lee (born April 25, 1970) is an American actor, producer, writer, photographer, comedian, and former professional skateboarder. He is best known for his role as Earl Hickey in the television comedy series My Name Is Earl, for which he was nominated for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy TV series in 2005 and 2006 by The Golden Globes.

    • Actor, producer, writer, photographer, comedian, skateboarder
    • Jason Michael Lee, April 25, 1970 (age 50), Santa Ana, California, U.S.
    • 1988–present
    • Carmen Llywelyn, ​ (m. 1995; div. 2001), Ceren Alkaç (m. 2008)
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    Jason Lee, Actor: Almost Famous. Born in Orange, California in 1970, Jason Lee is an American film photographer, actor, producer, and director. Well known for having been a professional skateboarder during skateboarding's very pivotal late 80s and early 90s, Lee would go on to pursue acting in 1993, working in film, television, and voiceover, and with such directors as Kevin ...

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    Born in Orange, California in 1970, Jason Lee is an American film photographer, actor, producer, and director. Well known for having been a professional skateboarder during skateboarding's very pivotal late 80s and early 90s, Lee would go on to pursue acting in 1993, working in film, television, and voiceover, and with such directors as Kevin Smith, Cameron Crowe, Lawrence Kasdan, and Brad Bird.

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    Jason Lee (June 28, 1803 – March 12, 1845) was a Canadian Methodist Episcopalian missionary and pioneer in the Pacific Northwest. He was born on a farm near Stanstead , Quebec. After a group of Nez Perce and Bitterroot Salish men journeyed to St. Louis requesting the Book of Heaven in 1831 (their people had heard of it years before), Lee and ...

    • Anna Maria Pittman (d. 1838), Lucy Thompson
    • June 28, 1803, Stanstead, Quebec
    • Superintendent of the Oregon Mission
    • March 12, 1845 (aged 41), Stanstead, Quebec
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    Nonetheless, Jason Lee was a significant – often leading – contributor in every effort that made Oregon an American territory and state. Though he was by no means the only person to die in the pursuit of American settlement in Oregon, Lee made a more direct and costly investment than others in forming Oregon.

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    Jason Benedict Lee is an English former footballer and manager. Lee plays as a forward and has previously played in the Premier League for Nottingham Forest. He also played for Charlton Athletic, Stockport County, Lincoln City, Southend United, Grimsby Town, Watford, Chesterfield, Peterborough United, Falkirk, Boston United, Northampton Town, Notts County, Mansfield Town, Kettering Town, Corby Town, Ilkeston Town and Arnold Town. In 2011, he returned to Boston United as player/manager but was di

    Lee began his career at Charlton Athletic but having failed to establish himself in the side moved to Lincoln City in 1991 before later moving to Southend United. He moved to Nottingham Forest in 1994. Initially, Lee failed to crack his way into Forest's first team. However, the departure of Stan Collymore to Liverpool saw him feature for the first team. In the 1995–96 season he scored eight league goals in 28 games. Lee playing for Mansfield Town in 2008 Following two loan spells, back ...

    On 22 March 2011, Lee, along with Lee Canoville was confirmed as caretaker coach of Boston United following the resignation of joint first team managers Rob Scott and Paul Hurst. Lee re-registered himself as a player towards the end of the 10–11 season. He made three appearances, including the final of the Lincolnshire Senior Shield and one Conference North playoff-game. Jason Lee was sacked as manager in December 2012 after a run of poor results in the 2012/13 season leaving the Pilgrims ...

    In 2013 Lee became the Equalities Education Executive for the Professional Footballers Association. In response to David Baddiel blackfacing to make fun of him in the 1990s, Lee said: "I'd ask them if they realised the significance of what they were doing. It was, looking back, a form of bullying. I work in equalities now, and it can affect different people in different ways. I don't think people appreciate the possible harm it can cause. Not everyone has the make-up to deal with that, and they

    • 9 May 1971 (age 49)
    • 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
    • Jason Benedict Lee
    • Forest Gate, London, England
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    Jason Lee Scott is best remembered as the original Red Power Ranger and main protagonist from the first entry of the franchise, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as well as the leader of the original team of the Power Rangers until Tommy Oliver becomes the White Ranger. He later becomes the second Gold Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo. He is also love interest of Kimberly Hart. He also serves as the main protagonist of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. He is portrayed by Austin St. John in the original...

    Before becomes a Power Ranger, Jason was said to be a talented martial artist who enjoyed teaching others as well. Like his fellow future Rangers, he grew up and lived in the city of Angel Grove and attended Angel Grove High School. Jason taught a martial arts class at Ernie's Juice Bar and Gym, a place that Jason and his friends like to work out and hang out in. One fateful day, as Jason finished conducting one of his classes and was chatting with his best friends, Zack, Billy, Trini and Kimber...

    Although Jason had had many battles with Rita Repulsa's various monsters, the Rangers' biggest challenge awaited ahead. Another Ranger, colored green, appeared on the scene, but this Green Ranger was working for Rita. Jason was placed in great danger when the Green Ranger transported him to the Dark Dimension. There Jason faced off against Goldar. Narrowly escaping damage from Goldar's sword, Jason had to be quick on his feet, for all he had was his martial arts skills as his morpher was in Gold...

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    Apr 28, 2020 · Jason Lee took a different type of role after NBC brought My Name is Earl to an end. Up to that point, the actor had made a reputation playing offbeat quirky characters, but in 2010, he actor ...

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    Once outside the building, Jason tried to persuade the others that maybe they should give this a shot. They didn't get too far. Before Jason's eyes a group of very strange beings were standing before him and the others. The beings were Putties - Rita's evil henchmen. At first, Jason and the others fought with all their might, but they were swiftly defeated. Realizing they didn't have the strength to defeat the Putties, Jason encouraged everyone to use their Power Morphers. Jason morphed into...

    Jason was highly respected during his time as leader of the Power Rangers, and is shown to have some of the best martial arts skills of the Rangers. Jason is also the only one to ever best Tommy in single combat when Tommy was still the much more powerful Green Ranger (although the two tie in a martial arts competition before Tommy becomes evil). It is also hinted that Tommy still looks up to Jason as a great leader, when he asks Jason for leadership advice after Jason becomes the Gold Ranger...

    1. Jason Lee Scott is a playable character in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. He uses his Power Sword and Blade Blaster primarily as his weapons.

    1. Jason's birthday was given as October 20, making him a Libra. 2. Jason's birthplace was given as Los Angeles, although Los Angeles appeared to have been replaced with Angel Grove in the Power Rangers universe. 3. Jason's favorite subject was political science; his favorite hobby was collecting martial arts movies; agreeing with the later Fan Club Video, his favorite food was sushi. 4. While Jason spent much of his time practicing martial arts, the rest of his time was spent on school and...

    1. Being interviewed, Jason sat in the Command Center wearing a communicator and a red shirt. 2. On the topic of taking charge, Jason said that his lifetime of training in martial arts had given him focus, discipline, drive, and most importantly, patience, quoting his instructor as saying, \\"Patience isn't a virtue, it's a great virtue.\\" 3. Asked about his worst dilemma, Jason described having to choose between rescuing the Green Candle from the Dark Dimension and saving Tommy in the battle w...

    1. Jason appears as a playable character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (video game), Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Sega CD) (archive footage), Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (video game) (Sega Genesis version), Power Rangers: Super Legends 2. A Red Ranger appears in Power Rangers Unite, though it is not specified if it is him or Rocky DeSantos. 3. An alternate version of Jason with a slightly altered history appears in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega...

    1. Due to Austin St. John coming back in Zeo, Jason is the only one of the first three departing Rangers (Zack and Trini) to share onscreen interaction with his successor (then teammate). 2. Like Zack and Trini, Jason was one of the Rangers that left before Lord Zedd came up with the plan to reverse time in \\"Rangers Back in Time\\". Therefore, he was never seen as a child onscreen. 3. The role of Jason was originally auditioned (and won) by David Yost, but David thought he did not look the par...

    1. Jason was portrayed by Austin St. John in all of his television and film appearances, and was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in the video game Power Rangers: Super Legends. 2. After filming the episode \\"Opposites Attract\\", Austin St. John, Walter Jones and Thuy Trang quit Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The reason being contract disputes, since the actors were underpaid due to the non-union status of the company at the time. However, the characters of the actors still appeared in several of the f...

    1. Yamato Tribe Prince Geki - Super Sentai counterpart in Zyuranger. See comparison page. 2. Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star - Super Sentai counterpart in Dairanger. See comparison page. 3. Riki (Ohranger) - Super Sentai counterpart in Ohranger. See comparison page. 4. Tsuyoshi Kaijo - The original Sentai Red 5. Goro Sakurai - The first Sentai Red to lead a team, then a non-leader after the introduction of an additional ranger. 6. Ippei Akagi - Notable Sentai Red who was both a martial arts wa...