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  1. Jazz fusion - Wikipedia

    Oct 13, 2020 · The term "jazz rock" (or "jazz/rock") is sometimes used as a synonym for the term "jazz fusion". The Free Spirits have sometimes been cited as the earliest jazz rock band. Rock bands such as Colosseum, Chicago, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Soft Machine, Nucleus, Brand X, and the Mothers of Invention blended jazz and rock with electric instruments.

    • History

      When John Coltrane died in 1967, rock was the most popular...

    • Jazz Fusion Inspirations

      Jazz Fusion is a musical genre formed in the late 1960s when...

    • Smooth jazz

      By the early 1980s, much of the original fusion genre was...

    • Other styles

      In the 1990s, another kind of fusion took a more hardcore...

  2. Jazz - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Jazz-rock fusion appeared in the late 1960s and early 1970s, combining jazz improvisation with rock music 's rhythms, electric instruments, and highly amplified stage sound. In the early 1980s, a commercial form of jazz fusion called smooth jazz became successful, garnering significant radio airplay.

  3. Rock music - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · Jazz-rock "...generally grew out of the most artistically ambitious rock subgenres of the late '60s and early '70s", including the singer-songwriter movement. Many early US rock and roll musicians had begun in jazz and carried some of these elements into the new music.

  4. Steely Dan - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · Steely Dan is an American rock and jazz fusion band founded in 1972 by core members Walter Becker (guitars, bass, backing vocals) and Donald Fagen (keyboards, lead vocals). ). Blending elements of rock, jazz, latin music, R&B, blues and sophisticated studio production with cryptic and ironic lyrics, the band enjoyed critical and commercial success starting from the early 1970s until breaking ...

    • 1971–1981, 1993–present
    • Donald Fagen
  5. Punk jazz - Wikipedia

    Oct 11, 2020 · Punk jazz describes the amalgamation of elements of the jazz tradition (especially free jazz and jazz fusion of the 1960s and 1970s) with the instrumentation or conceptual heritage of punk rock (typically the more dissonant strains such as no wave and hardcore punk).

  6. Fusion (Musik) – Wikipedia

    Jazz, Rock, Funk, and the Creation of Fusion. Duke University Press, Durham 2011, ISBN 978-0-8223-5047-7. Burghard König: Jazzrock. Tendenzen einer modernen Musik. rororo Band 7766, Reinbek bei Hamburg 1983. Stuart Nicholson: Jazz-Rock: A History. Schirmer, New York 1998.

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  8. Pete Rock - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Peter O. Phillips (born June 21, 1970), better known by his stage name Pete Rock, is an American record producer, DJ and rapper. He is widely recognized as one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time, and is often mentioned alongside DJ Premier, RZA and J Dilla as one of the mainstays of 1990s East Coast hip hop production.

  9. Post-rock - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · The post-rock sound incorporates characteristics from a variety of musical genres, including krautrock, ambient, psychedelia, prog rock, space rock, math rock, tape music, minimalist classical, British IDM, jazz (both avant-garde and cool), and dub reggae, as well as post-punk, free jazz, contemporary classical, and avant-garde electronica.

  10. Blues rock - Wikipedia

    Oct 13, 2020 · Blues rock is a fusion genre combining elements of blues and rock.It is mostly an electric ensemble-style music with instrumentation similar to electric blues and rock: electric guitar, electric bass guitar, and drums, sometimes with keyboards and harmonica.

  11. Džäss – Vikipeediažäss

    5 days ago · Džäss (inglise keeles jazz) ehk džässmuusika, tsitaatsõnana ka jazz, argikeeles ka jats, on muusikastiil, mis tekkis 19. sajandi lõpus Ameerika Ühendriikide lõunaosariikides Aafrika ja Euroopa rahvamuusika ristumise tagajärjel. Džäss kasvas välja Ameerika neeger orjade töölauludest, bluusist ja spirituaalidest.