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    Per·rin, Jean Baptiste
    • 1. (1870–1942), French physical chemist. He provided the definitive proof of the existence of atoms, proved that cathode rays are negatively charged, and investigated Brownian motion. Nobel Prize for Physics (1926).

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  2. Jean-Baptiste Say ( French: [ʒɑ̃batist sɛ]; 5 January 1767 – 15 November 1832) was a liberal French economist and businessman who argued in favor of competition, free trade and lifting restraints on business. He is best known for Say's law —also known as the law of markets—which he popularized.

  3. Feb 25, 2024 · Jean-Baptiste Say was a French classical liberal political economist who greatly influenced neoclassical economic thought. Say was influenced by Adam Smith and his book, The Wealth of...

  4. J ean-Baptiste Say was born in Lyons on January 5, 1767 and died in Paris on November 15, 1832. Say was the leading French political economist in the first third of the 19th century.

  5. Sep 15, 2015 · Jean-Baptiste Say. Marginal Revolution University. 350K subscribers. Subscribed. 239. 18K views 8 years ago Great Economists: Classical Economics and its Forerunners.

  6. Say was one of the first economists to have the insight that the value of a good derives from its utility to the user and not from the labor spent in producing it.

  7. Jean-Baptiste Say (January 5, 1767 – November 15, 1832) was a French economist and businessman. He had classically liberal views and argued in favor of competition, free trade, and lifting restraints on business.

  8. J.-B. Say (born January 5, 1767, Lyon, France—died November 15, 1832, Paris) was a French economist, best known for his law of markets, which postulates that supply creates its own demand. After completing his education, Say worked briefly for an insurance company and then as a journalist.

  9. Apr 26, 2024 · Say's Law of Markets was developed by the French classical economist and journalist, Jean-Baptiste Say. Say was influential because his theories addressed how a society creates wealth and...

  10. Jean Baptiste Say, né le 5 janvier 1767 à Lyon et mort le 14 novembre 1832 à Paris 1, est le principal économiste classique français 2. Industriel du coton, il était l'un des entrepreneurs huguenots de cette industrie alors en plein essor.

  11. Feb 5, 2018 · By Jean-Baptiste Say. A NEW edition of this translation of the popular treatise of M. Say having been called for, the five previous American editions being entirely out of print, the editor has endeavoured to render the work more deserving of the favour it has received, by subjecting every part of it to a careful revision.

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