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  1. Jessabelle (2014) - IMDb

    Nov 07, 2014 · Directed by Kevin Greutert. With Sarah Snook, Mark Webber, Joelle Carter, David Andrews. Returning to her childhood home in Louisiana to recuperate from a horrific car accident, Jessabelle comes face to face with a long-tormented spirit that has been seeking her return -- and has no intention of letting her escape.

    • (22.4K)
    • Kevin Greutert
    • PG-13
    • 3 min
  2. Jessabelle - Wikipedia

    Jessabelle is a 2014 American supernatural horror film directed by Kevin Greutert and written by Ben Garant. The film stars Sarah Snook , Mark Webber , Joelle Carter , David Andrews , Amber Stevens and Ana de la Reguera .

    • November 7, 2014 (United States)
    • Jason Blum
    • Jessabelle
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    • فلم الرعب المخيف الجديد Jessabelle مترجم 2019
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  3. Jessabelle (2014) - Rotten Tomatoes

    From the mastermind producer of Paranormal Activity and Insidious comes the ghostly tale of Jessabelle. Returning to her childhood home in Louisiana to recuperate from a horrific car accident ...

    • (36)
    • mystery and thriller, horror
    • PG-13
  4. Watch JESSABELLE | Prime Video

    Jessabelle is a sympathetic character, trying to come to terms with an accident that leaves her relying on an estranged and distant father, even as she tries to sort through the mystery surrounding her mother's death. I didn't find this terrifying, although it definitely was creepy. I was also not expecting the ending, which is rare.

    • Horror, Thriller
    • PG-13
  5. Jessabelle | Horror Film Wiki | Fandom

    Jessabelle was biracial, leading to the discovery of her mother’s affair, and Jessie's father had become enraged and killed the baby as well as Moses, and adopted Jessie to cover up Jessabelle's murder. Moses's spirit then appears and together with her mother, they tie Jessie up and push her into the bayou.

    • Kevin Greutert
    • November 7, 2014 (US)
    • English
    • 90 minutes
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  7. Jessebelle - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon ...
    • History
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    In The Treasure Is All Mine!, James revealed that he met Jessebelle when they were both children, and he was interested in her and even wrote a love letter. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after the engagement was announced that James was exposed to her less than tolerable personality, starting with her insulting his beloved pet Growlithe, Growlie.

    Jessebelle first appeared in Holy Matrimony!, where James returned to his parents' mansion in Kanto after receiving word that they had died. However, this was just a hoax to lure him into marrying Jessebelle; if he did marry her, he would receive his massive inheritance. However it soon became apparent that James was absolutely terrified of Jessebelle; he explained to Jessie, Meowth, Ash and his friendshow the marriage had been arranged when he and Jessebelle were young, and she had always be...

    James still appears to not have changed his feelings on Jessebelle, who was seen in another flashback in Two Degrees of Separation!. He was happy to visit his second summer home until he was told that Jessebelle was on her way there, and he, along with Jessie and Meowth, promptly left the premises. She reappeared in person in The Treasure Is All Mine!, where she once again fiercely chased after her eternal runaway fiancé, much to his horror. James hoped a blast off courtesy of Pikachuwould al...

    Jessebelle is, as demonstrated by her debut appearance, extremely controlling and obsessive. She is a stuck-up, elitist woman with a dominatrix personality and a great affection for James.

    Jessebelle's English name is both a pun on Jessie's name and a near-homonym of Jezebel.
    Despite her similarities to Jessie, Jessebelle's hair color has remained red throughout the series, while Jessie's turned purple when the coloring began to be done digitally in Here's Lookin' at Yo...
    Possibly because of her many similarities to Jessie, the voice actresses that have played Jessebelle are mostly played by the same voice actresses who played Jessie.
    In the original series, Jessebelle has jade-colored irises, but later on, in Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, the eye color swapped to a more bluish tone, most likely due to the animators cha...
    • Jade
    • Red
    • Female
    • Kanto
  8. Who Was Jezebel in the Bible? Her Real Story

    Jun 12, 2019 · Queen Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, king of Sidon, and the wife of Ahab, king of Israel. Jezebel promoted the worship of false gods in Israel, harassed and killed God’s prophets, and arranged for an innocent man to be falsely charged and executed.

  9. Jezebel | Definition of Jezebel by Merriam-Webster

    Jezebel definition is - the Phoenician wife of Ahab who according to the account in I and II Kings pressed the cult of Baal on the Israelite kingdom but was finally killed in accordance with Elijah's prophecy.

  10. Jezebel - Wikipedia

    Jezebel (/ ˈ dʒ ɛ z ə b əl,-b ɛ l /, Hebrew: אִיזֶבֶל ‎) was the daughter of Ithobaal I of Tyre and the wife of Ahab, King of Israel, according to the Book of Kings of the Hebrew Bible (1 Kings 16:31).