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  1. 2022 United States House of Representatives elections - Wikipedia › wiki › 2022_United_States_House

    6 days ago · The 2022 United States House of Representatives elections will be held on November 8, 2022. Elections will be held to elect representatives from all 435 congressional districts across each of the 50 U.S. states, as well as five non-voting delegates from the District of Columbia and four of the five inhabited U.S. territories.

    • Nancy Pelosi
    • California 12th
    • January 3, 2003
    • Democratic
  2. Jim Jordan (American politician) - Wikipedia › wiki › Jim_Jordan_(American

    4 days ago · t. e. James Daniel Jordan (born February 17, 1964) is an American politician serving as the U.S. representative for Ohio's 4th congressional district since 2007. His district stretches from Lake Erie to just below Urbana in north-central and western Ohio and includes Lima, Marion, Tiffin and Elyria.

  3. Alexander Hamilton - Wikipedia › wiki › Alexander_Hamilton

    5 days ago · Alexander Hamilton (January 11, 1755 or 1757 – July 12, 1804) was an American statesman, politician, legal scholar, military commander, lawyer, banker, and economist. He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He was an influential interpreter and promoter of the U.S. Constitution, as well as the founder of the nation's ...

    • 1775–1776 (Militia), 1776–1782, 1798–1800
    • King's College (renamed Columbia)
  4. Theodore Roosevelt - Wikipedia › wiki › Theodore_Roosevelt

    4 days ago · Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (/ ˈ r oʊ z ə v ɛ l t / ROH-zə-velt; October 27, 1858 – January 6, 1919), often referred to as Teddy or his initials T. R., was an American statesman, conservationist, naturalist, historian, and writer, who served as the 26th president of the United States from 1901 to 1909.

  5. Ted Bundy - Wikipedia › wiki › Ted_Bundy

    5 days ago · Nancy Perry Baird, 23, disappeared from the service station where she worked in Layton, Utah, 25 miles (40 km) north of Salt Lake City, on July 4, 1975, and remains classified as a missing person. [402] [403] Bundy specifically denied involvement in this case during the death row interviews.

    • Chris Hagen, Kenneth Misner, Officer Roseland, Richard Burton, Rolf Miller
    • Death
  6. List of British generals and brigadiers - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_British_generals

    4 days ago · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... General Sir David Baird, 1st Baronet (1757–1829) ... (1817–1890), was a Scottish soldier and Liberal Party politician;

  7. Kevin McCarthy (California politician) - Wikipedia › wiki › Kevin_McCarthy_(California

    5 days ago · Kevin Owen McCarthy (born January 26, 1965) is an American businessman and politician serving as House Minority Leader in the United States House of Representatives since 2019. A member of the Republican Party , he previously served as House Majority Leader under Speakers John Boehner and Paul Ryan from 2014 to 2019.

  8. Paula Poundstone

    Jul 24, 2021 · Paula Poundstone. “The whole shit show is perfectly hilarious and perfectly wonderful.”. — Shelagh Baird. “Like dumping a whole box of Fizzies candy tablets into a glass of water and drinking it down. Your head explodes but in the best way.”. — Pru Sowers. “A weekly kick in the nuts of humor, wit, and wisdom.”. — Tim from ...

  9. Deranged Triggered Woman Has A Rant At Freedom Protestors... › 2021 › 07

    Jul 22, 2021 · Deranged Triggered Woman Has A Rant At Freedom Protestors... The sad effects of the experimental jabs, watching mainstream media and listening to lying politicians have come home to roost for this woman. She clearly doesn't like those protesting for freedom.

  10. Triggered Masked Woman: FEAR IS VIRTUE! › 2021 › 07

    Jul 24, 2021 · Triggered Masked Woman: FEAR IS VIRTUE! Interesting vid of a woman in an American supermarket being verbally harassed by a mask-wearing saint, dripping virtue and ignorance. Ms Maskly-Virtue totally rejects any reasoned replies to her nonsense, of course, and any chance of discussing the fatality rate (via mangled stats) of 'covid-19'.

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