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  1. Johann I (Habsburg-Laufenburg) - Wikipedia

    Johann was born between 1295 and 1297 AD probably in the Rapperswil Castle in the medieval city of Rapperswil as the oldest son of Elisabeth Countess of Rapperswil († 1309) by second marriage with Count Rudolf von Habsburg-Laufenburg († 1315).

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  2. Johann I Joseph - Wikipedia

    Johann I Joseph (Johann Baptist Josef Adam Johann Nepomuk Aloys Franz de Paula; 26 June 1760 – 20 April 1836) was Prince of Liechtenstein between 1805 and 1806 and again from 1814 until 1836. He was the last Liechtenstein prince to rule under the Holy Roman Empire between 1805 and 1806 and as regent of Liechtenstein from 1806 until 1814.

  3. Define Johann I. Johann I synonyms, Johann I pronunciation, Johann I translation, English dictionary definition of Johann I. n 1. surnamed Tzimisces . 925–976 ad, Byzantine emperor : extended Byzantine power into Bulgaria and Syria 2. called the Great. 1357–1433, king of Portugal...

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  4. Johann Strauss I | Biography, Compositions, & Facts | Britannica

    Sep 20, 2020 · Johann Strauss I, (born March 14, 1804, Vienna, Austria—died September 24, 1849, Vienna), one of the principal composers of Viennese waltzes.

  5. Johann I - Wikipedia

    Johann I may refer to: Johann I Josef, Prince of Liechtenstein (1760–1836) Johann I, Duke of Opava-Ratibor; Johann I, Count Palatine of Simmern; Johann I, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken; John, Elector of Saxony (1468–1532), John the Steadfast; Johann, Count of Cleves; Johann, Count of Coronini-Cronberg; Johann, Count of Pálffy; Johann ...

  6. Johann Strauss I - Wikipedia

    Johann Strauss I was an Austrian Romantic composer. He was famous for his waltzes, and he popularized them alongside Joseph Lanner, thereby setting the foundations for his sons to carry on his musical dynasty. He is best known for his composition of the Radetzky March.

  7. John Albert I, Duke of Mecklenburg - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    John Albert I, Duke of Mecklenburg, in older literature known as John or Johann (23 December 1525 – 12 February 1576), was the reigning Duke of Mecklenburg-Güstrow from 1547 to 1556 and of Mecklenburg-Schwerin from 1556 to 1576.

  8. Johann I "der Theologe" von Mecklenburg (Mecklenburg), Herr ...

    Aug 07, 2018 · Johann I., Herr zu Mecklenburg, genannt der Theologe; (* um 1211; † 1. August 1264) war von 1234 bis 1264 Fürst der Herrschaft Mecklenburg. Er war der älteste Sohn von Heinrich Borwin II. und verwaltete bis 1234 zusammen mit seinen Brüdern Mecklenburg.

  9. Johann I – Vikipeedia

    Johann von Hessen, 1296 kaasregent, 1308 Landgraf Alam-Hessenis 1296–1308 Johann von Luxemburg , Böömimaa kuningas 1311–1346 Johann , Kleve krahv 1347–1368

  10. Johann - Wikipedia

    Johann, typically a male given name, is the Germanized form of the originally Hebrew language name יוחנן (Yohanan) (meaning "God is merciful"). It is a form of the Germanic and Latin given name "Johannes."