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  1. Johann van Beethoven [2] [3] (14 November 1740 [4] [5] – 18 December 1792) was a Brabantine - German musician, teacher, and singer who sang in the chapel of the Archbishop of Cologne, whose court was at Bonn. He is best known as the father of the celebrated composer Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827).

  2. Johann van Beethoven (1739 or 1740-92) Beethoven's father At the age of 22, Johann van Beethoven secured an appointment as court musician, due to his fine tenor voice. To supplement his small income, he gave singing and piano lessons. In 1767 he married Maria Magdalena Keverich of Ehrenbreitstein, a town a short distance up the Rhine from Bonn.

  3. The French Emperor established his base camp in Linz and it was to there that he shipped his wounded soldiers. Johann van Beethoven was perfectly placed to supply all the French army's medical needs. Thus Johann made his fortune - at the same time becoming enormously unpopular locally, since he had in effect collaborated with the enemy.

    • Freya Parr
    • Michel van Beethoven (1684-1749) A baker by training, Beethoven’s paternal great-grandfather also traded art and lace.
    • Ludwig van Beethoven (1712-73) Born in Flanders, Beethoven’s paternal grandfather was Kapellmeister at the Bonn court and ran a wine business.
    • María Josepha Poll (1714-75) Beethoven was nicknamed ‘The Spaniard’, possibly due to his alcoholic paternal grandmother’s Spanish roots.
    • Johann van Beethoven (c1739-92) Beethoven’s tyrant father was a tenor at the Bonn court and alcoholic. The composer battled to ensure he supported his sons.
  4. Jun 22, 2021 · According to Magellan TV, Johann was a family man who attended church and loved teaching music. But perhaps his most powerful love was for alcohol; as a result, he ended up being an insufficient father to his child prodigy, Ludwig. Johann van Beethoven's alcohol addiction caused problems for the family Vzb83/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

  5. Jul 13, 2021 · Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer whose Symphony 5 is a beloved classic. Some of his greatest works were composed while Beethoven was going deaf. ... born in 1774, and Johann, born in ...

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