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  1. Eugen von Lommel. Johannes Stark ( German pronunciation: [joˈhanəs ʃtaʁk] ⓘ, 15 April 1874 – 21 June 1957) was a German physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1919 "for his discovery of the Doppler effect in canal rays and the splitting of spectral lines in electric fields". This phenomenon is known as the Stark effect .

  2. Johannes Stark, (born April 15, 1874, Schickenhof, Ger.—died June 21, 1957, Traunstein, W. Ger.), German physicist who won the 1919 Nobel Prize for Physics for his discovery in 1913 that an electric field would cause splitting of the lines in the spectrum of light emitted by a luminous substance; the phenomenon is called the Stark effect.

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  3. Facts. Photo from the Nobel Foundation archive. Johannes Stark. The Nobel Prize in Physics 1919. Born: 15 April 1874, Schickenhof, Germany. Died: 21 June 1957, Traunstein, West Germany (now Germany) Affiliation at the time of the award: Greifswald University, Greifswald, Germany.

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  5. Johannes Stark was a corresponding member of the Academies in Göttingen, Rome, Leyden, Vienna and Calcutta, and was awarded the Baumgartner Prize of the Vienna Academy of Sciences in 1910 and the Vahlbruch Prize of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences in 1914, and also the Matteucci Medal of the Rome Academy.

  6. Nobel Lecture, June 3, 1920 Structural and Spectral Changes of Chemical Atoms The question of the composition of perceptible objects is one which already occupied the mind of the ancient Greeks. They formed the concept, as a philosophical speculation, of the indivisible particle, the atom, as the smallest component of perceptible objects.

  7. Apr 15, 2015 · A controversial German physicist, Stark was closely involved with the Deutsche Physik movement under the Nazis. Classed as a major offender by a denazification court, he received a four year prison sentence (later suspended) for his role in the regime.

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