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  1. Life of John F. Kennedy. Fast Facts: John F. Kennedy; John F. Kennedy Quotations; Life of Jacqueline B. Kennedy; JFK in History; Historic Speeches; The Kennedy Family; Media Galleries; Interactives; JFKL from Home

  2. John F. Kennedy, (born May 29, 1917, Brookline, Mass., U.S.—died Nov. 22, 1963, Dallas, Texas), 35th president of the U.S. (1961–63). The son of Joseph P. Kennedy, he graduated from Harvard University in 1940 and joined the navy the following year. He commanded a patrol torpedo (PT) boat in World War II and was gravely injured in an attack ...

  3. 3 days ago · John F. Kennedy (born May 29, 1917, Brookline, Massachusetts, U.S.—died November 22, 1963, Dallas, Texas) was the 35th president of the United States (1961–63), who faced a number of foreign crises, especially in Cuba and Berlin, but managed to secure such achievements as the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty and the Alliance for Progress.

  4. John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States (1961-1963), the youngest man elected to the office. On November 22, 1963, when he was hardly past his first thousand days in...

  5. An overview of John F. Kennedy. See all videos for this article. John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy, 1961. Kennedy had nearly become Stevenson’s vice presidential running mate in 1956. The charismatic young New Englander’s near victory and his televised speech of concession (Estes Kefauver won the vice presidential nomination) brought him ...

  6. John F. Kennedy. On November 22, 1963, when he was hardly past his first thousand days in office, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot to death as his motorcade wound through Dallas, Texas. Kennedy was the youngest man elected president; he was the youngest to die.

  7. Feb 17, 2020 · His legacy lives on in his youthful belief in America and his faith in America’s responsibilities to the world. With this ornament we remember President Kennedy through his posthumous official White House portrait, made in 1970 by Aaron Shikler, the artist selected by the president’s widow, Jacqueline Kennedy.

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