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  1. John II, Lord of Mecklenburg - Wikipedia,_Lord_of_Mecklenburg

    John II of Mecklenburg ( c. 1250 – 12 October 1299) was from 1264 until his death Lord of Mecklenburg . He was the youngest son of John I and Luitgard of Henneberg (1210-1267), the daughter of Count Poppo VII of Henneberg. After his brother Henry I was taken prisoner during his pilgrimage, he took over the regency of Mecklenburg and the guardianship of Henry's sons in 1275, along with his brother Nicholas III .

  2. John II of Werle - Wikipedia

    John II, Lord of Werle [-Güstrow] nicknamed The Bald (after 1250 – 27 August 1337), was from 1309 to 1316 co-regent of Werle and from 1316 to 1337 Lord of Werle-Güstrow. He was the second eldest son of John I of Werle and Sophie of Lindow-Ruppin. He reigned Werle from 1309 to 1316 together with his brother Nicholas II.

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  4. Johann II von Mecklenburg (Mecklenburg), Herr zu Mecklenburg ...

    Johann II von Mecklenburg (Mecklenburg), Herr zu Mecklenburg auf Gadebusch (c.1250 - 1299) - Genealogy.

  5. John I, Lord of Mecklenburg - Wikipedia,_Lord_of_Mecklenburg

    He was the eldest son of Henry Borwin II, Lord of Mecklenburg. He ruled Mecklenburg jointly with his brothers, until they decided to divide the territory in 1234. As the eldest son, he received the ancestral homeland. In 1227, he defeated the Danish in the Battle of Bornhöved, thereby relieving Mecklenburg from Danish suzerainty.

  6. Henry II, Lord of Mecklenburg - WIKI 2. Wikipedia Republished,_Lord_of_Mecklenburg
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    He was the son of Henry I and reigned from 1287 to 1289 to­gether with his brother John III. Dur­ing his fa­ther's ab­sence (his fa­ther had been taken pris­oner while on a cru­sade) from 1275 to 1302, Meck­len­burg was ruled by his mother Anas­ta­sia jointly with Henry's un­cles Nicholas III (until 1290) and John II(until 1283). In 1287, Henry II be­came co-re­gent with his mother and uncle. When his fa­ther died in 1302, Henry II be­came Lord of Meck­len­burg. Early in his reign, he con­ducted an un­suc­cess­ful war against Nicholas II of Werle about the suc­ces­sion of Henry I. Around 1299, the sons of his fa­ther-in-law Al­bert III of Bran­den­burg died and Al­bert gave (or sold) him the Lord­ship of Star­gard, which Al­bert had ear­lier promised to give as dowry to his daugh­ter Beat­rix (Henry II's wife). In the 1304 Treaty of Vi­et­manns­dorf, it was once again agreed that Bran­den­burg en­fe­offed Henry II with the Lord­ship of Star­gard. Nev­er­the­less, when Beat­rix died...

    Henry's first mar­riage was to Beat­rix of Bran­den­burg (died: be­fore 25 Sep­tem­ber 1314), the daugh­ter of Mar­grave Al­bert III of Bran­den­burg. They had one daugh­ter: 1. Matilda (1293-1357), married in 1311 with Duke Otto III of Brunswick-Lüneburg His sec­ond mar­riage, after 6 July 1315, was to Anna of Saxe-Wit­ten­berg (died be­tween 25 June 1327 and 9 Au­gust 1328), the daugh­ter of Duke Al­bert II of Saxe-Wit­ten­berg. They had the fol­low­ing chil­dren: 1. Ludgarda (1310-1362), married Duke Władysław of Bytom 2. Henry (1316-1321) 3. Anastasia (1317-1321) 4. Albert II (1318-1379), nicknamed The Great, who succeeded Henry as Lord of Mecklenburg, and in 1348 became the first Duke of Mecklenburg 5. Agnes (1320-1340), married on 6 January 1338 with Lord Nicholas IIIof Werle-Güstrow 6. John I(1329-1392), Lord of Mecklenburg and from 1348, Duke of Mecklenburg-Stargard 7. Beatrix of Mecklenburg, (born: 1324; died: 5 August 1399), abbess of the Ribnitz Monastery (1348-1395) His...

    Ludwig Fromm (1880), "Heinrich II., der Löwe, Fürst von Mecklenburg", Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (ADB) (in German), 11, Leipzig: Duncker & Humblot, pp. 541–542

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    the text in this section is copied from an article in Wikipedia. Henry II, Lord of Mecklenburg, nicknamed the Lion (after 14 April 1266 – 21 January 1329 in Sternberg) was regent of Mecklenburg from 1287 to 1298, co-regent from 1298 to 1302 and ruled alone again from 1302 to 1329.


    John (Johann) IV/I (1326–between 9 August 1392 and 9 February 1393) 1329–1392 [Son of Heinrich II, Lord of Mecklenburg, from 1348 Duke] John (Johann) II (before 1370–between 6 July and 9 October 1416) 1392–1416 [Son of Johann , Duke of Mecklenburg [-Stargard-Sternberg]

  9. albert ii duke of mecklenburg : definition of albert ii duke ... ii duke of mecklenburg/en-en

    Albrecht II Duke of Mecklenburg (c. 1318 – February 18, 1379) was a feudal lord in Northern Germany on the shores of the Baltic Sea.He reigned as the head of the House of Mecklenburg, his princely seat located in Schwerin beginning in the 1350s.

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    Albert II of Mecklenburg From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Albrecht II Duke of Mecklenburg (Schwerin c. 1318 February 18, 1379)) was a feudal lord in Northern Germany, on the shores of the Baltic Sea. He reigned as the head of the House of Mecklenburg, and since 1350's his princely seat was located in Schwerin.