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  2. John IV the Conqueror KG (in Breton Yann IV, in French Jean IV, and traditionally in English sources both John of Montfort and John V) (1339 – 1 November 1399), was Duke of Brittany and Count of Montfort from 1345 until his death and 7th Earl of Richmond from 1372 until his death.

  3. John IV (or V) (born c. 1340—died Nov. 1, 1399, Nantes, Fr.) was the duke of Brittany from 1365, whose support for English interests during the Hundred Years’ War (1337–1453) nearly cost him the forfeit of his duchy to the French crown.

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  4. John (IV) was a claimant to the duchy of Brittany upon the death of his childless half brother, John III. He was the only surviving son of Arthur II. At first, John of Montfort had recognized John III’s designation of Charles of Blois (nephew of King Philip VI of France) as the successor; but then.

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  5. Apr 1, 2024 · Located in Vannes, a village in western France, the castle was built in 1381 at the request of John IV, the Duke of Brittany. At this time, Brittany was “essentially a tiny country” ruled...

  6. The Duchy of Brittany ( Breton: Dugelezh Breizh, [dyˈɡɛːlɛs ˈbrɛjs]; French: Duché de Bretagne) was a medieval feudal state that existed between approximately 939 [a] and 1547. [b] Its territory covered the northwestern peninsula of Europe, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the English Channel to the north.

  7. John of Montfort (Middle Breton: Yann Moñforzh, French: Jean de Montfort) (1295 – 26 September 1345, Château d'Hennebont), sometimes known as John IV of Brittany, and 6th Earl of Richmond from 1341 to his death. He was the son of Arthur II, Duke of Brittany and his second wife, Yolande de Dreux.

  8. Nov 13, 2016 · John was recognised as John IV duke of Brittany by Charles V of France, to whom he performed homage for his duchy in December 1366. Initially, as duke of Brittany, John’s ties to England continued to be strong, his financial debts and other obligations ensuring this.

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