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  1. Mar 22, 2024 · John Lindley, British botanist whose attempts to formulate a natural system of plant classification greatly aided the transition from artificial systems to those that considered all characters of a plant. He was also the first professor of botany at the University of London (University College).

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    Bibliography. External links. John Lindley FRS (5 February 1799 – 1 November 1865) was an English botanist, gardener and orchidologist . Early years. Born in Catton, near Norwich, England, John Lindley was one of four children of George and Mary Lindley. George Lindley was a nurseryman and pomologist and ran a commercial nursery garden.

  3. Feb 5, 2020 · John Lindley (1799-1865) On February 5 , 1799 , English botanist , gardener and orchidologist John Lindley was born. His attempts to formulate a natural system of plant classification greatly aided the transition from the artificial (considering the characters of single parts) to the natural system (considering all characters of a plant ).

  4. Jun 11, 2018 · As administrator, professor, horticulturist, taxonomist, editor, journalist, author, and botanical artist he used to the full his time, his abundant energy, and his remarkable talents, with lasting beneficial results in many fields of botany and horticulture. His major botanical contribution was to the study of orchids.

  5. Lindley system. An early system of plant taxonomy, the Lindley system, was first published by John Lindley as An Introduction to the Natural System of Botany ( Natural History, 1830). [1] This was a minor modification of that of de Candolle (1813). [2]

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  7. Feb 5, 2020 · Portrait of John Lindley, lithograph by Thomas Herbert Maguire, 1849 (National Portrait Gallery, London) Lindley was a tireless botanist, editing numerous journals and serving on the staff of several botanical gardens, writing encyclopedia entries, and publishing a number of books on general botany, fossil plants, and orchids.

  8. Nov 1, 2020 · The Champion of Kew. November 1, 1865. Today is the anniversary of the death of the British gardener, botanist, and orchidologist John Lindley. John served as secretary to the Royal Horticultural Society for 43 years. This is why the Lindley Library at the RHS is named in honor of John Lindley.

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