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  1. John Q. is a 2002 American thriller drama film starring Denzel Washington and directed by Nick Cassavetes.

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    Feb 15, 2002 · John rushes Michael to a hospital emergency room where he is informed that Michael's only hope is a transplant. Unfortunately, John's insurance won't cover his son's transplant. Out of options, John Q. takes the emergency room staff and patients hostage until hospital doctors agree to do the transplant.

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  3. John Q. - Wikipedia

    John Q. is a 2002 American thriller drama film starring Denzel Washington and directed by Nick Cassavetes.

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    Story centers on a man whose nine-year-old son is in desperate need of a life-saving transplant. When he discovers that his medical insurance won't cover the costs of the surgery and alternative...

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    John Q starred Denzel Washington as a father pushed to the edge by the fact that he couldn’t get a life saving operation for his young son Mikey. The movie focused upon working class people who are living paycheck to paycheck who don’t have adequate insurance. It’s a story about the system failing people like John and his family.

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    • PG-13
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    John Q (2002) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

  7. Is ‘John Q.’ Based on a True Story? Here’s What We Know

    Even though it came out nearly 20 years ago, the film John Q. resonates with modern audiences on a deep level. It tells the story of John Quincy Archibald, a father and husband who watches his young son collapse while playing baseball.

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    A woman is driving dangerously down a winding road, recklessly passing cars until she comes upon a slow moving Mack truck. As she goes to pass, her car is clipped by a truck going in the opposite direction, then slammed full-force by the Mack, killing her. Meanwhile, John Quincy Archibald (Denzel Washington) and his wife Denise (Kimberly Elise) witness their young son Michael (Daniel E. Smith) collapse at his baseball game and take Michael to the hospital. After a series of tests at the hospital, John is informed by Dr. Raymond Turner (James Woods) and Rebecca Payne (Anne Heche), the hospital administrator that Michael has an enlarged heart and will need a heart transplant to live. The procedure is very expensive: $250,000 (at a minimum) with a down payment of $75,000 (30%) required to get Michael's name on the organ donor list. John tells them that he is insured, but after looking through his policy, they tell him that because the company he works for dropped John from full-time to...

    Denzel Washington as John Quincy Archibald
    Kimberly Elise as Denise Archibald
    Daniel E. Smith as Michael "Mike" Archibald
    James Woods as Dr. Raymond Turner

    "John Q." was filmed from August 7th to November 3, 2000. It was filmed in Canada in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec & in Chicago, Illinois. The movie was shot in a group of provincial government buildings in Toronto. Adjacent to filming is a hospital. On at least one occasion, filming blocked off the access to the real emergency room of the real hospital.

    Box Office

    "John Q" opened at #1 in the box office, grossing $20,275,194 during its opening weekend. It ended up with a total domestic gross of $71,026,631 and $102,244,770 worldwide. The film closed in theaters on May 2, 2002.

    Critical Reception

    The film received mixed reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film was given a 23% rating based on 131 reviews. It was given a 78% audience approval rating with an average rating of 3.5\\5. The critics consensus said, "Washington's performance rises above the material, but John Q pounds the audience over the head with its message". However, on the same date, the Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score indicated that 78% liked the movie, with (168,855) users providing an average 3.5 out of 5 rat...

    2002 BET Awards 1. Best Actor: Denzel Washington (nominated) (along with Training Day) 2002 BMI Film & TV Awards 1. BMI Film Music Award: Aaron Zigman (won) 2003 Black Reel Awards 1. Theatrical-Best Actor: Denzel Washington (nominated) 2. Theatrical-Best Actress: Kimberly Elise (nominated) 2003 Image Awards' 1. Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture: Denzel Washington (won) 2. Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture: Kimberly Elise (nominated) 3. Outstanding Motion Picture (nominated) 2003 Political Film Society, USA 1. PFS Award for Democracy Expose-Human Rights (nominated)

  8. John Q. movie review & film summary (2002) | Roger Ebert

    John Q. thinks he's covered by insurance, but no: His company switched to a new HMO that has a $20,000 ceiling, and since John has been downsized to 20 hours a week, he's lucky to have that much coverage. Payne demands a $75,000 down payment on the $250,000 operation, and explains the harsh realities of life for "cash patients."

  9. Who Is the Real John Q. Archibald and How Long Was He Imprisoned?

    May 27, 2020 · John Q. Archibald is a fictional character in a 2002 movie starring Denzel Washington. The movie's title character takes an emergency room hostage to get a heart transplant for his dying son. There is no real John Q. He did not commit a real crime and did not spend any time in prison.

  10. What Was John Q. Archibald's Prison Sentence in "John Q"?

    Apr 13, 2020 · The prison sentence of John Quincy Archibald (Denzel Washington) in the 2002 drama "John Q" was never revealed. His attorney, however, is overheard saying that no judge is going to give him "more than three to five (years)" and that she will try to get it dropped to two years.

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