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  1. Julian is located in the beautiful Cuyamaca mountains. Take a step back in time to the days of Julian’s beginning rooted in the 1870’s gold rush. Get away from the hectic rush of city life… discover the charms of Julian. See where gold was discovered—shop stores housed in historic buildings dating back to the 1870’s—sleep in a ...

  2. Julian, byname Julian the Apostate, Latin Julianus Apostata, original name Flavius Claudius Julianus, (born ad 331/332, Constantinople—died June 26/27, 363, Ctesiphon, Mesopotamia), Roman emperor from ad 361 to 363, nephew of Constantine the Great, and noted scholar and military leader who was proclaimed emperor by his troops. A persistent enemy of Christianity, he publicly announced his ...

  3. Julian solidus, c. 361. The obverse shows a bearded Julian inscribed fl·cl·iulianus p·p· aug·, calling Julian "father of the nation" (Latin: Pater Patriae).The reverse depicts an armed Roman soldier bearing a military standard in one hand and subduing a captive with the other, a reference to the military strength of the Empire, inscribed: virtus exercitus romanorum, lit.

  4. Julian definition, of, relating to, or characteristic of Julius Caesar. See more.

  5. Julian is a common masculine given name in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, France (as Julien ), Italy (as Giuliano ), Russia [Iulian (Yulian)] Spain, Latin America (as Julián in Spanish and Juliano or Julião in Portuguese ), Iulian in Romanian and elsewhere. The name is based on the Roman name Julianus, which ...

    • Masculine
    • Europe
    • "youthful", "shiny", "juvenile"
    • Latin
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