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  1. Lee Harvey Oswald, né le 18 octobre 1939 à La Nouvelle-Orléans et mort assassiné le 24 novembre 1963 à Dallas, est le principal suspect de l'assassinat du président américain John Fitzgerald Kennedy et du meurtre du policier J. D. Tippit, conformément aux conclusions rendues par deux enquêtes gouvernementales.

  2. Dec 01, 2021 · Oswald denied the authenticiy of the Backyard photos, and that was a flub of the FBI. They must have intended for those photos to be discovered after Oswald's death. After all, they didn't show him or tell him about the bogus invoice for the rifle.

  3. Lee Harvey Oswald (ur.18 października 1939 w Nowym Orleanie, zm. 24 listopada 1963 w Dallas) – amerykański zamachowiec, znany jako domniemany zabójca prezydenta Stanów Zjednoczonych Johna F. Kennedy’ego w zamachu 22 listopada 1963, według wniosków dwóch amerykańskich komisji rządowych ds. tego zabójstwa

  4. Sie heirateten am 30. April 1961. Ihr erstes Kind, June Lee Oswald, wurde am 15. Februar 1962 geboren. Rückkehr in die Vereinigten Staaten. Schon bald war Oswald in der Sowjetunion unzufrieden: Die Sowjets hätten die Lehre von Karl Marx „pervertiert“, so sein Eindruck. Am 13.

  5. Nov 16, 2021 · On April 10, 1963, just seven months before he shot and killed President John F. Kennedy, the inscrutable assassin Lee Harvey Oswald crouched behind a fence in an upscale Dallas neighborhood and aimed his rifle at the window of an ultra-conservative firebrand named Edwin Walker, a former U.S. Army general.

  6. Nov 20, 2013 · Marina and Lee Oswald had two children, Rachel and June. After her husband was killed, Marina married Kenneth Porter. She worked at an Army Navy Surplus Store in uptown. Eventually, she retired.

  7. Apr 02, 2014 · Lee Harvey Oswald was a former U.S. Marine who was accused of killing President John F. Kennedy. While in police custody, Oswald was murdered by Jack Ruby. (1939–1963)