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  2. A global collection of stories, Kakao Page. Original popular webtoons and web novels to 'Talk Drip', humorous contents shown in a chatroom format! Enjoy a global collection of stories in Kakao Page. Exclusive and original webtoons and web novels series, released daily.

  3. Nov 12, 2023 · arrow_forward. Contains all the stories in the world, Kakao Page. Experience highly immersive webtoons, web novels, books, and chat novel content. Original popular webtoons and web novels are...

  4. Jun 15, 2021 · Kakaopage, the gathering place for all love stories from all corners of the world. Kakaopage is a premium webtoon platform that can be a place to find and collect the stories and images you...

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    오리지널 독점 웹툰, 웹소설 부터 책 까지 한 곳에서 즐기세요. 인기 콘텐츠가 기다리면 무료!

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    KakaoPage (Korean: 카카오페이지; RR: KakaoPeiji) is a monetized content platform optimized for mobile devices, launched by the Kakao Corp. in 2013 and currently owned by its subsidiary Kakao Entertainment.

  7. Newsroom Company KOR | ENG Music Get ready to be transported to a new world of digital stories, with webtoons & web novels available in multiple languages. From romance to action fantasy, find your next adventure here.

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