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  1. El término kamikaze (神風, ''? lit. 'viento divino') [1] [2] de origen japonés, fue utilizado originalmente por los traductores estadounidenses para referirse a los ataques suicidas, efectuados por pilotos de una unidad especial perteneciente a la Armada Imperial Japonesa contra embarcaciones de la flota de los Aliados.

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    『下妻物語』(しもつまものがたり、作品英称: Kamikaze Girls)は、嶽本野ばらによる小説、およびその小説を原作とした映画などの諸作品。物語は茨城県 下妻市を舞台にしている。

  3. Pre-war planning. Before 1939, all sides operated under largely theoretical models of air warfare.Italian theorist Giulio Douhet in the 1920s summarised the faith that airmen during and after World War I developed in the efficacy of strategic bombing.

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    Kaiten were designed to be launched from the deck of a submarine or surface ship, or from coastal installations as a coastal defence weapon. The cruiser Kitakami was equipped to launch Kaiten and took part in sea launch trials of Type 1s.

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  7. Aug 12, 2020 · Named after/based on the infamous ZZAZZ Glitch in Pokémon Gold and Silver, this Bulbasaur isn't what you'd expect. It's not a serious character. Upon the beginning of this match, this character instantly goes kamikaze and blows itself up, which will either KO itself or take the opponent with it. By jor8a

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