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  1. Charles IV (Czech: Karel IV.; German: Karl IV.; Latin: Carolus IV; 14 May 1316 – 29 November 1378), born Wenceslaus (Czech: Václav), was the first King of Bohemia to become Holy Roman Emperor.

    Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia,_Holy_Roman_Emperor
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  3. Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia,_Holy_Roman_Emperor

    Charles IV (Czech: Karel IV.; German: Karl IV.; Latin: Carolus IV; 14 May 1316 – 29 November 1378), born Wenceslaus (Czech: Václav), was the first King of Bohemia to become Holy Roman Emperor.

  4. Karel Schwarzenberg - Wikipedia

    Prince Karel Schwarzenberg (Czech pronunciation: [ˈʃvartsn̩bɛrk], born 10 December 1937) is a Czech politician, former leader of the TOP 09 party and was its candidate for President of the Czech Republic in the 2013 election. Currently, he serves as a Member of the Chamber of Deputies (MP).

  5. Genealogy for Karel Prince Of Bohemia (Luxembourg) (1372 - 1373) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives.

  6. Charles IV | Holy Roman emperor | Britannica

    Charles IV, byname Charles of Luxembourg, original name Wenceslas, Czech Karel Lucembursky, or Václav, German Karl Von Luxemburg, or Wenzel, (born May 14, 1316, Prague—died Nov. 29, 1378, Prague), German king and king of Bohemia (as Charles) from 1346 to 1378 and Holy Roman emperor from 1355 to 1378, one of the most learned and diplomatically skillful sovereigns of his time.

  7. Charles IV (Karel IV.) - Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor

    The Czech language was promoted to the official language in the country along with Latin and German, and the position of Bohemia became very strong. Charles IV loved Prague and the city flourished during his rule.

  8. Bohemia / Karel IV. (King Charles IV ... - Online Coin Club

    Bohemia - Karel IV. (King Charles IV), Holy Roman Emperor (26 August 1346 - 29 November 1378) Charles IV (Czech: Karel IV., German: Karl IV., Latin: Carolus IV), born Wenceslaus, was a King of Bohemia and the first King of Bohemia to also become Holy Roman Emperor.

  9. List of Bohemian monarchs - Wikipedia

    The Duchy of Bohemia was established in 870 and raised to the Kingdom of Bohemia in 1198. Several Bohemian monarchs ruled as non-hereditary kings beforehand, first gaining the title in 1085. From 1004 to 1806, Bohemia was part of the Holy Roman Empire, and its ruler was an elector.

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    Bohemia became part of the Austrian Empire in 1526. At the end of the eighteenth century, the Czech national revivalist movement, in cooperation with part of the Bohemian aristocracy, started a campaign for the restoration of the kingdom's historic rights, whereby the Czech language was to replace German as the language of administration. During the Revolution of 1848, many Czech nationalists called for autonomy for Bohemia from Habsburg Austria, but the revolutionaries were defeated. In 1861, a new elected Bohemian Diet was established. The renewal of the old Bohemian Crown became the official political program of both Czech liberal politicians and the majority of Bohemian aristocracy, while parties representing the German minority and small part of the aristocracy proclaimed their loyalty to the centralistic Constitution. After the creation of the Dual Monarchy in the Ausgleichof 1867, an attempt by the Czechs to create a tripartite monarchy (Austria-Hungary-Bohemia) failed in 187...

    Bohemia is a parliamentary monarchy, as a constituent part of Austria-Hungary. King Karel III is represented by Governor Johann zu Schwarzenberg and the government is led by Minister-President Jan Syrový. The future of Bohemia is uncertain as the Ausgleich of 1937 is approaching and Austria will probably try to assert its authority. However, nothing is certain and in case of a struggle for power between Austria and Hungary, Bohemia might be able to extend its control over the lands of the Slovaks.

    Bohemia is under the military authority of Hungary and has only a small poorly-trained army composed of two militias used only for the repression of protests.

    Under the political, economic and military authority of Austria. Very good relations with Austria, Hungary, Germany, and Russia. Friendly relations with Poland, White Ruthenia, and United Baltic Duchy.

  11. All the Faces of Arma | Blog | Bohemia Interactive

    Soon, he started creating new content for the game and managed to draw the attention of the developers from Bohemia Interactive. Karel Mořický eventually became part of their team and contributed significantly to the development of the Arma series of military simulators, with their lively modding scene.