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  1. Key West - Wikipedia › wiki › Key_West,_Florida

    Key West(Spanish: Cayo Hueso) is an island in the Straits of Florida, within the U.S. state of Florida. Together with all or parts of the separate islands of Dredgers Key, Fleming Key, Sunset Key, and the northern part of Stock Island, it constitutes the City of Key West.

  2. Key West, Florida - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... › wiki › Key_West,_Florida

    Key West, Florida From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Key West is a city and an island of the same name near the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys. It is the county seat of Monroe County, Florida, United States.

  3. Neighborhoods in Key West, Florida - Wikipedia › wiki › Historic_Seaport

    Midtown (Key West) It is located in the geographical center of the island, and roughly bounded by North Roosevelt Boulevard (U.S. Route 1), Leon Street, Atlantic Boulevard and 1st Avenue. New Town (Key West)

  4. Florida Keys - Wikipedia › wiki › Florida_Keys

    The Florida Keys are a coral cay archipelago located off the southern coast of Florida, forming the southernmost part of the continental United States.They begin at the southeastern coast of the Florida peninsula, about 15 miles (24 km) south of Miami, and extend in a gentle arc south-southwest and then westward to Key West, the westernmost of the inhabited islands, and on to the uninhabited ...

    • 356 km² (137 sq mi)
    • 73,090 (2010)
    • Florida Straits
    • Florida
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  6. Key West, Florida - Wikipedia › wiki › Key_West,_Florida

    Key West is a ceety in Monroe Coonty, Florida, Unitit States.

  7. Monroe County, Florida - Wikipedia › wiki › Key_West,_FL_Micropolitan
    • Overview
    • History
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    • Culture

    Monroe County is a county in the state of Florida. As of the 2010 census, the population was 73,090. Its county seat is Key West. Monroe County includes the islands of the Florida Keys and comprises the Key West Micropolitan Statistical Area. Although 87% of the county's land area is on the mainland, that region is part of the Everglades and is virtually uninhabited, with only 17 people in total. Over 99% of the county's population lives on the Florida Keys.

    Monroe County was created in 1823. It was named for James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States, who served from 1817 to 1825. The Monroe County Public Library was South Florida's first public library. By September 1892, the new library was established. The original Key West library had 1,200 volumes, and it was funded by the dues and fees of its members. The Key West Library Association rescinded its charge of the library in 1896, and the library was run by various civic groups for t

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 3,738 square miles, of which 983 square miles is land and 2,754 square miles is water. It is the largest county in Florida by total area. More than 99 percent of the Monroe County population lives in the island chain known as the Florida Keys. Two thirds of the large area in what local residents call "mainland Monroe" is uninhabited by virtue of being part of the Everglades National Park, and the remainder by the Big Cypress Nat

    As of 2010, 77.57% spoke English as a first language, and 17.56% spoke Spanish, 0.96% spoke French Creole, 0.74% spoke French, and 0.50% spoke Russian as their primary language. In total, 22.43% of the population spoke a main language other than English.

    Monroe County is the home of conch culture. Conch is the name locals use to refer to themselves, and it comes from the sea snail that is native to the area and has been economically important to Monroe County. Conch culture's hallmarks include intimate familiarity with the sea and especially local waters, quirkiness by most mainland standards and an acceptance of alternative lifestyles, anti-authoritarian stances in general, and local knowledge of the geography and weather of the area. Fishing,

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