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    • Khmer may refer to:

      • Srok Khmer, the modern Kingdom of Cambodia.
      • Khmer people, the ethnic group to which the great majority of Cambodians belong
      • Khmer Krom, Khmer people living in the Delta and the Lower Mekong area
      • Khmer Loeu, the Mon-Khmer highland tribes in Cambodia
      • Northern Khmer people, or Khmer Surin of Northeast Thailand
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  2. Khmer people - Wikipedia › wiki › Khmer_people

    Oct 17, 2020 · According to one Khmer legend attributed by George Coedes to a tenth century inscription, the Khmer people arose from the union of the brahmin Kambu Swayambhuva and the apsara ("celestial nymph") Mera. Their marriage is said to have given rise to the name Khmer and founded the Varman dynasty of ancient Cambodia.

    • Distribution

      The majority of the world's Khmer people live in Cambodia,...

    • History

      According to one Khmer legend attributed by George Coedes to...

    • Culture and society

      The culture of the ethnic Khmer is fairly homogeneous...

    • Genetics

      The Khmer people are genetically closely related to other...

  3. Khmer Empire - Wikipedia › wiki › Khmer_Empire

    5 days ago · The Khmer empire produced numerous temples and majestic monuments to celebrate the divine authority of Khmer kings. Khmer architecture reflects the Hindu belief that the temple was built to recreate the abode of Hindu gods , Mount Meru , with its five peaks and surrounded by seas represented by ponds and moats.

  4. Khmer language - Wikipedia › wiki › Khmer_language

    3 days ago · Khmer (/ k ə ˈ m ɛər / or / k m ɛər /; natively ភាសាខ្មែរ phiăsaa khmae Khmer pronunciation: [pʰiə.ˈsaː kʰmae], dialectal khmæ or khmɛɛr, or more formally ខេមរភាសា kheemaʾraʾ phiăsaa Khmer pronunciation: [kʰeː.maʔ.raʔ pʰiə.ˈsaː]) is the language of the Khmer people and the official language of Cambodia.

  5. Culture of Cambodia - Wikipedia › wiki › Culture_of_Cambodia

    3 days ago · As Buddhism began to replace Hinduism, Khmer people started wearing the blouse, shirt and trousers of Khmer style. Khmer people, both common and royal, stopped wearing the Hindu-style collars and began to adopt beautiful decorated shawls such as Sbai instead. This new clothing style was popular in the Udong period.

  6. Khmer architecture - Wikipedia › wiki › Khmer_architecture

    6 days ago · While the Khmer built a standard brick tower, Po Klaung Garai directed his people to build an impressive replica of paper and wood. In the end, the Cham replica was more impressive than the real brick tower of the Khmer, and the Cham won the contest.

  7. Cambodian People's Party - Wikipedia › wiki › Cambodian_People&

    Oct 14, 2020 · After toppling the Khmer Rouge regime with the Vietnamese-backed liberation of Phnom Penh, it became the ruling party of the People's Republic of Kampuchea (1979–1989), which was later renamed the State of Cambodia (1989–1991).

  8. クメール・ルージュ - Wikipedia › wiki › クメール・ルージュ

    2 days ago · Frings, K. Viviane (October 1997). “Rewriting Cambodian History to 'Adapt' It to a New Political Context: The Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Party's Historiography (1979-1991)”. Modern Asian Studies 31 (4). Osborne, Milton E. (1994). Sihanouk Prince of Light, Prince of Darkness. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. ISBN 978-0-8248-1639-1

  9. Khmers rouges — Wikipédia › wiki › Khmers_rouges

    1 day ago · Le régime Khmer rouge s'est rendu coupable de nombreux crimes de masse, en particulier de l'assassinat de plusieurs centaines de milliers de Cambodgiens, selon les estimations minimales. Le Programme d'Étude sur le génocide cambodgien de l' université Yale évalue le nombre de victimes à environ 1,7 million [ 6 ] , soit plus de 20 % de la ...

  10. Ченла — Википедия › wiki › Ченла

    4 days ago · "The State of Zhenla" History of the Khmer People. (недоступная ссылка). Дата обращения 13 января 2009. Архивировано 26 апреля 2006 года. The Treasures of Angkor. ISBN 88-544-0117-X

  11. 桑塔人 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 › wiki › 桑塔人

    Oct 14, 2020 · 桑塔人(英文:Santhal, Saontal, Santal, Sontal, Sonthal,孟加拉語:সাঁওতাল),是定居於尼泊爾及印度的原住民,多數分布在尼泊爾和印度的賈坎德邦、西孟加拉邦、比哈爾邦、奧里薩邦和阿薩姆邦,也有小部分分布在孟加拉。