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  1. Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) - IMDb

    Expected May 21, 2021 The epic next chapter in the cinematic Monsterverse pits two of the greatest icons in motion picture history against one another - the fearsome Godzilla and the mighty Kong - with humanity caught in the balance.

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  2. King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) - IMDb

    King Kong versus Godzilla is truly the battle of the ages, between the two most famous monsters. They make the 'Alien' look like a wimp. Akihiko Hirata as Dr. Shigezawa is great in his role even though quite limited.

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  3. King Kong vs. Godzilla - Wikipedia

    King Kong vs. Godzilla (キングコング対ゴジラ, Kingu Kongu tai Gojira) is a 1962 Japanese kaiju film directed by Ishirō Honda, with special effects by Eiji Tsuburaya. Produced and distributed by Toho Studios, it is the third film in the Godzilla franchise, and the first of two Toho-produced films featuring King Kong.

  4. King Kong vs. Godzilla (1963) - Rotten Tomatoes

    Dec 12, 2019 · Godzilla escapes from an ice berg and King Kong is found on an island that has lots of kick ass berries on it which the natives grind into a juice for Kong to drink.

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  5. King Kong vs. Godzilla | Gojipedia, the Godzilla Resource and ...
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    In the American version, a news report describes the great benefits of a newly discovered species of berry, called Soma. However, the report also mentions that the berries can only be found on the small tropical idyll of Farou Island.Mr. Tako, head of Pacific Pharmaceuticals, is frustrated with the television shows his company is sponsoring and wants something to boost his ratings. When Doctor Makino tells Tako about a giant monster he discovered on the aforementioned Farou Island, Tako belie...

    Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right. 1. Directed by Ishiro Honda 2. Written by Shinichi Sekizawa, Willis O'Brien, George Worthing Yates 3. Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka, John Beck 4. Music by Akira Ifukube 5. Stock music by Akira Ifukube 6. Cinematography by Hajime Koizumi 7. Edited by Reiko Kaneko 8. Production design by Teruaki Abe, Takeo Kita 9. Assistant directing by Koji Kawakita 10. Special effects by Eiji Tsuburaya 11. Assistant Director of Special Effects Teruyoshi...

    Actor's name on the left, character played on the right. 1. Tadao Takashima as Osamu Sakurai 2. Kenji Sahara as Kazuo Fujita 3. Yu Fujiki as Kinsaburo Furue 4. Ichiro Arishima as Mr. Tako 5. Mie Hama as Fumiko Sakurai 6. Jun Tazaki as General Masami Shinzo 7. Akiko Wakabayashi as Tamie 8. Akihiko Hirata as Prime Minister Shigezawa 9. Akemi Negishi as Faro Island Native Chikiro's Mother 10. Senkichi Omura as TTV Translator Konno 11. Sachio Sakai as Mr. Tako's Assistant Obayashi 12. Haruya Kato...

    1. The Return of King Kong (Die Rückkehr des King Kong; Germany) 2. The Triumph of King Kong (Il trionfo di King Kong; Italy)

    1. Japan - August 11, 1962; July 25, 1964 (re-release); March 21, 1970 (re-re-release); March 19, 1977 (re-re-re-release); July 14, 2016 (4K digital restoration) 2. United States - June 26th, 1963; June 3, 1963 (Premiere); October 1984 (Chicago International Film Festival); October 4, 2018 (Ean Manley premiere) 3. England - 1962 4. Italy - 1962 5. Portugal - November 1962 6. Taiwan - November 9, 1962 7. South Korea - January 5, 1963 8. Ireland - May 19, 1966 9. Mexico - December 25, 1969 10....

    An English version of King Kong vs. Godzilla was prepared by producer John Beck, who felt that Toho's version of the film wouldn't play well to American audiences. He hired writers Bruce Howard and Paul Mason to \\"Americanize\\" the film. Peter Zinner was brought in as an editor for Beck's version. Among the alterations made for the North American theatrical release are: 1. Dialogue was dubbed at Ryder Sound Services, Inc. in Hollywood. The new dialogue often strayed heavily from the Japanese sc...

    King Kong vs. Godzilla was released on theaters four different times in different years in Japan. The first theatrical release had an attendance of 11,200,000, the third release had an attendance 870,000, and the fourth release had an attendance of 480,000, adding up to a rough 12,550,000 attendance, the most attended Godzilla film of all time.The U.S. version of King Kong vs. Godzilla had a $12,000 budget.

    King Kong vs. Godzilla is very popular among kaiju fans and hailed as a classic. Its plot, acting, special effects, and musical aspects are often regarded as some of the finest in the Showa series of Godzilla films.

    1. Although fans of both Kong and Godzilla argue to this day, Toho has declared that King Kong was meant to win. Not only was King Kong the star and hero of the film, but Kong was much more popular than Godzilla at this time, and was the obvious choice to win audiences over. Toho confirmed Kong's victory in the press materials that they released when the film came out in 1962 that clearly says \\"A spectacular duel is arranged on the summit of Mt. Fuji, and King Kong is victorious.\\" 2. In Japa...

  6. Godzilla vs King Kong - Official Trailer #1 coming to cinemas in 2020 ADD ME ON: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: https://tw...

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  9. Godzilla vs. Kong - Wikipedia

    In October 2015, Legendary confirmed that they would unite Godzilla and King Kong in Godzilla vs. Kong, at the time targeted for a May 29, 2020, release. Legendary plans to create a shared cinematic franchise "centered around Monarch" that "brings together Godzilla and Legendary’s King Kong in an ecosystem of other giant super-species, both classic and new."

    • May 21, 2021 (United States)
    • Mary Parent, Alex Garcia, Eric McLeod, Brian Rogers
  10. GOD vs. KING Adam Wingard’s plans for Godzilla vs. Kong are huge. We’re talking “multiple giant monsters” huge. Wingard revealed that the movie will take p...

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  11. King Kong | V. Rex Fight - YouTube

    Can King Kong save Ann Darrow from not one, not two, but THREE V. rexes? Find out now in this action-packed movie clip! #KingKong Buy/Rent King Kong! Amazon:...

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