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      • The Monarchy of Denmark, colloquially known as the Danish Monarchy, is a constitutional institution and a historic office of the Kingdom of Denmark.
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  2. Monarchy of Denmark - Wikipedia

    The kings and queens of Denmark are addressed as 'Your Majesty', whereas princes and princesses are referred to as His or Her Royal Highness (Hans or Hendes Kongelige Højhed), or His or Her Highness (Hans or Hendes Højhed). Eric of Pomerania: By the Grace of God, King of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, the Wends and the Goths, Duke of Pomerania.

  3. List of Danish monarchs - Wikipedia

    Hugleik is the first Danish king mentioned in European sources. Ongendus (Angantyr): c. 710 Saint Willibrord wrote about when he visited the Danes, at the time ruled by Ongendus. Harald, named as former king in relating 9th-century events, perhaps model for legendary Harald Wartooth.

  4. Christian X | king of Denmark | Britannica

    Frederick IX, king of Denmark (1947–72) who gave encouragement to the Danish resistance movement against the German occupation during World War II and, along with his father, Christian X, was imprisoned by the Germans (1943–45). A highly popular…

  5. Get to know the Danish Royal Family - VisitDenmark

    The Viking rune stones at Jelling, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are inscribed by Harald Bluetooth, the first king of a united Denmark around 1000 years ago. HM The Queen of Denmark is descended from him and Denmark is filled with a rich array of royal monuments, buildings and treasures spanning a thousand years.

  6. John, King of Denmark - Wikipedia,_King_of_Denmark

    John (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish: Hans; né Johannes) (2 February 1455 – 20 February 1513) was a Scandinavian monarch under the Kalmar Union. He was king of Denmark (1481–1513), Norway (1483–1513) and as John II (Swedish: Johan II) Sweden (1497–1501).

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  7. Christian I | Scandinavian king | Britannica

    Christian I, king of Denmark (1448–81), Norway (1450–81), and Sweden (1457–64, 1465–67), and founder of the Oldenburg dynasty, which ruled Denmark until 1863. He tried to gain control over Sweden and maintain a union of the Scandinavian nations but was defeated by rebellious Swedish nobles

  8. Harald Bluetooth, Former King of Denmark and Norway

    Harald Bluetooth (c. 910–c. 987), otherwise known as King Harald I of Denmark, was best known for three major achievements. First, he completed the work of unifying Denmark under a single ruler. Second, he conquered Norway—an event which had major historical consequences. Finally, he converted the Danes and Norwegians to Christianity.

  9. Skjöld Fictitiously, King of Denmark (c.237 - c.280) - Genealogyöld-King-of-Denmark...

    May 24, 2018 · About Skjöld Fictitiously, King of Denmark His descendants claimed he was a son of the Norse god Odin. Skjöldr (Latinized as Skioldus, sometimes Anglicized as Skjold or Skiold) was among the first legendary Danish kings.

  10. The King of Denmark Wore a Yellow Star

    Jul 05, 2000 · The King of Denmark Wore a Yellow Star The legend of non-Jewish Danes donning yellow stars in solidarity with Jews during the Nazi occupation of Denmark is a touching story but not historically...

  11. King Christian X of Denmark | The Holocaust Encyclopedia

    According to popular legend, King Christian X of Denmark chose to wear a yellow star in support of the Danish Jews during the German occupation of Denmark. In another version, the Danish people decided to wear yellow stars.