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  1. Ferdinand IV (8 September 1633 – 9 July 1654) was made and crowned King of Bohemia in 1646, King of Hungary and Croatia in 1647, and King of the Romans on 31 May 1653. He also served as Duke of Cieszyn.

    Ferdinand IV, King of the Romans - Wikipedia,_King_of_the_Romans
  2. Antipater the Idumaean - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · As such, in a polemic against Herod to discredit him in the eyes of the Romans as unfit to become king of the Jews, Antigonus the Hasmonean is quoted by Josephus as referring to Herod as "no more than a private man, and an Idumean, i.e. a half Jew". Antipater married Cypros, a Nabataean noblewoman, which helped endear the Nabateans to him.

  3. Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia,_Holy_Roman...

    2 days ago · Frederick II (26 December 1194 – 13 December 1250) was King of Sicily from 1198, King of Germany from 1212, King of Italy and Holy Roman Emperor from 1220 and King of Jerusalem from 1225. He was the son of emperor Henry VI of the Hohenstaufen dynasty and of Constance , heiress to the Norman kings of Sicily .

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    Oct 18, 2020 · The Romans referred to him as King of the lusitanian peoples. As a leader, he still lived humbly and shared all the spoils of war with his troops. Those that were most heroic got the biggest share.

  5. History's Strangest Ancient Rulers - - Kensington ...

    4 days ago · The word strange is barely adequate for some of the ancient leaders described here, if the tales told of them are true. The ancient world had no shortage of outright butchers who practiced patricide, matricide, fratricide, and mass murders to consolidate and secure their positions at the head of their societies.

  6. Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Doing our bit

    3 days ago · The Herodians were the exact opposite. They were extremely loose. King Herod was hardly a Jew at all. He was a recent convert to Judaism, doing so only so he could be named King of Galilee. Like his father, who called for the killing of the innocents at the time of Jesus’ birth, Herod had hardly any conscience.

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    4 days ago · The book of Daniel provides an overview of world events from the days of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon all the way to Christ’s crucifixion, resurrection and subsequent millennial reign. Daniel forms the framework for the book of Revelation and for the understanding of biblical prophecy.

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    5 days ago · i stan one (1) underappreciated king/a> Touch here for the full post on the Romans Still Run This tumblr

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    Oct 18, 2020 · Alexander III the Great King of Macedonia Ancient Coins & Related Alexander the Great was king of the Macedonian Kingdom from 336-323 B.C. His father was Philip II, who gave him the most quality education, including with the famous philosopher Aristotle.

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    3 days ago · Vulcanheph: Ever since i was in secondary school i've always been fascinated By greek mythologies due to movies like "clash of the titans", "hercules" & "immortals" & one thing i found out is that The greek god called HEPHAESTUS or VULCAN by the romans is the most underrated amongst the whole olympians, he was known to be the god of fire ...

  12. Christianity Is A Bastard's Religion With No Blood Ties To ...

    3 days ago · The Messiah son of Mary was only a prophet yet the Romans one whole century after his death write him as the son of God. Now they aren't referring to the Almighty God but to Zeus the king of gods among the Greek/Egyptian pantheon. They are pagans just simply pagans.