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    Sep 04, 1998 · Hong Kong superstar and director Sammo Hung served as the film's 2nd unit director. The release print of "Knock Off" suffers from the removal of a lot of the martial arts action shot for the film, with a couple of sequences being very heavily edited. The final battle between Jean-Claude Van Damme's character and Australian actor/stuntman Michael Miller is less than half of the action shot for their fight, and upon careful viewing you can pick up the fact that the fight has raged across ...

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    • Hark Tsui
    • R
    • 31 sec
  2. Knock Off (film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Knock_Off_(film)

    Knock Off is a 1998 action film directed by Tsui Hark and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Rob Schneider. The film was released in the United States on September 4, 1998. The title is a double entendre, as the term colloquially refers to both counterfeit goods as well as targeted killing.

    • September 4, 1998 (United States)
    • Nansun Shi
  3. Knock Off (1998) - Rotten Tomatoes › m › knock_off

    "Knock Off" is set in Hong Kong and Jean-Claude Van Damme stars as a fashion designer who is unwillingly selling knock off clothes which easily tear.

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    • action
    • R
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    "Knock Off" isn't a martial arts movie as much as it is a general action film; there are some decent chases and shootouts and plenty of green-tinged explosions, all of which take precedence over Van Damme's three hand-to-hand fights (not including the studio-sabotaged finale on the boat).

    • Action
  5. Knock Off (1998) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb › title › tt0120724

    Knock Off (1998) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

  6. 20 Mockbusters You Might Confuse for the Real Movie | Mental ... › article › 55270
    • Frozen Land. Following Disney’s Frozen, Phase Four Films released the animated film Frozen Land. Originally titled The Legend of Sarila, the film distributors re-branded the French Canadian movie's artwork and logo to mimic Disney’s wildly popular family film for its home video release in late November (around the same time Disney released Frozen).
    • Atlantic Rim.
    • Apocalypse Z. Originally called Zombie Massacre, this Italian zombie movie was re-titled Apocalypse Z when it was released on DVD in the U.K. to capitalize on the anticipation of World War Z starring Brad Pitt.
    • Street Racer.
  7. 10 Knock-off Movies That You Must See! | HNN › 126520 › 10-knock-off-movies-must-see
    • Lady Terminator, 1989. It’s pretty easy to figure out what box office smash this film’s mimicking. Indonesian filmmaker H. Tjut Djalil had already proven his genius with 1981’s delirious Mystic in Bali (1981) but he almost topped himself with this unauthorized remake of The Terminator (1984).
    • The Last Hunter, 1980. In 1975, the tragic fall of Saigon finally closed the book on America’s involvement in Vietnam. Three years later The Deer Hunter (1978) and the following year Apocalypse Now turned the Vietnam War into big box office.
    • Starcrash, 1978. As the first in the biblical scale flood of Star Wars imitations Starcrash holds a special place in the hearts of bad movie buffs. Part of its charm stems from director Luigi Cozi being a proto fan boy who packed his movie with homages to classics like Invaders From Mars (1953) and Jason and the Argonauts (1963).
    • Battle Beyond the Stars, 1980. Whenever a blockbuster movie hit the screen Roger Corman’s low budget version wasn’t far behind. His Star Wars clone Battle Beyond the Stars was actually a double knockoff because it’s really Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai (1954) set in space.
  8. Watch Knock Off (1998) - Free Movies | Tubi › movies › 527947

    Knock Off. (1998) ·. 1 hr 31 min. R. Action. When a fashion designer gets caught selling counterfeit jeans, he can either go to jail or join forces with the C.I.A. on a terrorism mission. DIRECTOR. Hark Tsu.

    • Hark Tsu
  9. 15 Superhero Movies That Shamelessly Ripped Off Better Ones › superhero-movies-ripped-off-better
    • Joseph Walter
    • Every Straight-To-Video Marvel Movie Ripped Off DC's Animated Movies. Marvel does a lot of great work. From the bold choice of pushing Iron Man, a then-B-list superhero, as the face of their newest cinematic endeavors, or the even more bold choice to have an entire pantheon of films that would eventually culminate in multiple event movies like the recent smash hit Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel has taken tremendous chances and had major pay-offs both critically and financially.
    • Justice League Ripped Off The Avengers. Let’s address the elephant in the room: we are one hundred percent aware that the idea of a group of superheroes coming together to fight as a time for the betterment of mankind is a common trope.
    • Sinister Squad Ripped Off Suicide Squad. It should be obvious just how awful Sinister Squad is, because the “better” movie it ripped is the infamously rotten egg, Suicide Squad.
    • Rise Of The Black Bat Ripped Off Batman. It’s one thing to create a direct rip-off mockbuster like Metal Man for Iron Man, or even one of the abysmal knock-off Thor disasters, but it’s another to rip-off multiple heroes all at once.
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