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  1. The Korean Wikipedia ( Korean: 한국어 위키백과, romanized : Han-gugeo Wiki Baekgwa) is the Korean language edition of Wikipedia. It was founded on 11 October 2002 and reached ten thousand articles on 4 June 2005. [1] As of February 2024, it is the 23rd largest Wikipedia, with 659,564 articles and 1,868 active users. [2]

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  2. Korean ( South Korean: 한국어, hangugeo; North Korean: 조선말, chosŏnmal) is the native language for about 81.7 million people, mostly of Korean descent. [a] [2] It is the official and national language of both South Korea and North Korea.

    • 80.4 million (2020)
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    Korea ( Korean: 한국, Hanguk in South Korea or 조선, Joseon in North Korea) is a peninsular region in East Asia. Since 1945, it has been divided at or near the 38th parallel, now known as the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

    • 223,155 km² (86,161 sq mi)
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  4. 한국어 위키백과 ( 영어: Korean Wikipedia )는 한국어 로 운영되는 위키백과 의 다언어판 가운데 하나로서, 2002년 10월 11일 에 시작되었다. 또한 2024년 2월 13일 현재 한국어 위키백과에는 넘겨주기, 토론, 그림 등 페이지로 불리는 모든 문서를 포함하면 총 3,177,829 개가 수록되어 있으며, 넘겨주기를 포함한 일반 문서 수는 1,449,036개, [1] 그중 넘겨주기, 막다른 문서 를 제외한 일반 문서 수는 659,347개이다. 위키백과 언어판 중에서 23번째로 크고 [2] 한국어로 된 위키 중에서는 1위 규모 [a] 이며, 기호는 ko 이다. 역사

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  5. Korean language Spoken Korean Hanbid speaking Korean The Korean language is spoken mainly in North and South Korea. It is spoken by more than 78 million people (most are North or South Koreans). In South Korea, it is called hangukmal (한국말) or hangugeo ( Hangeul: 한국어, Hanja: 韓國語).

    • 76 million (2007)
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    Korean emigration to the U.S. was known to have begun as early as 1903, but the Korean American community did not grow to a significant size until after the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965; as of 2017, excluding the undocumented and uncounted, roughly 1.85 million Koreans emigrants and people of Korean descent live in the ...

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