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  1. Lady Margaret Beaufort (usually pronounced: / ˈboʊfərt / BOH-fərt or / ˈbjuːfərt / BEW-fərt; 31 May 1441/43 – 29 June 1509) was a major figure in the Wars of the Roses of the late fifteenth century, and mother of King Henry VII of England, the first Tudor monarch.

  2. Mar 02, 2021 · Lady Margaret Beaufort by Jessica Brain Often referred to as the matriarch of the Tudors, Margaret Beaufort was a powerful member of the royal household and an influential figure in the greater political machinations of the day. Herself a descendant of King Edward III, she made sure to secure the royal crown for her own son, Henry VII.

  3. May 31, 2015 · Lady Margaret Beaufort died 29th June 1509, aged sixty-six. She died just four days after enjoying the coronation celebrations of her grandson, Henry VIII, and Henry Parker, Lord Morley, who acted as her cupbearer at the coronation ceremonies, reported that “she took her infirmity with eating of a cygnet”.

  4. Jun 25, 2022 · Margaret Beaufort, byname The Lady Margaret, (born May 31, 1443—died June 29, 1509), mother of King Henry VII (reigned 1485–1509) of England and founder of St. John’s and Christ’s colleges, Cambridge.

  5. Lady Margaret Beaufort – The mother of the Tudor dynasty who had four husbands Lady Margaret Beaufort is important in English history because she is the matriarch of the infamous Tudor dynasty. She was the mother of Henry VII, the first Tudor monarch. It was through Lady Margaret her son had his claim to the throne of England.

  6. Lady Margaret Beaufort (1443-1509) by Dr Frank Woodman Educationalist, scholar and philanthropist, Margaret Beaufort was the richest woman in English Medieval history and used her wealth to promote education and religion.

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