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  1. Lady Margaret was born at Bletsoe Castle, Bedfordshire, either on 31 May 1441 or, more likely, on 31 May 1443. The day and month are not disputed, as she required Westminster Abbey to celebrate her birthday on 31 May. The year of her birth is more uncertain.

  2. Margaret Beaufort, byname The Lady Margaret, (born May 31, 1443—died June 29, 1509), mother of King Henry VII (reigned 1485–1509) of England and founder of St. John’s and Christ’s colleges, Cambridge.

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  3. May 31, 2015 · Lady Margaret Beaufort died 29th June 1509, aged sixty-six. She died just four days after enjoying the coronation celebrations of her grandson, Henry VIII, and Henry Parker, Lord Morley, who acted as her cupbearer at the coronation ceremonies, reported that “she took her infirmity with eating of a cygnet”.

  4. Mar 2, 2021 · Often referred to as the matriarch of the Tudors, Margaret Beaufort was a powerful member of the royal household and an influential figure in the greater political machinations of the day. Herself a descendant of King Edward III, she made sure to secure the royal crown for her own son, Henry VII.

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    • She was married young. Aged just 12, Margaret was married to Edmund Tudor, a man double her age. Even by the standards of Medieval marriage, such an age gap was unusual, as was the fact that the marriage was consummated immediately.
    • Destined for the throne? Margaret’s son Henry was a Lancastrian claimant to the throne – albeit a distant one. He was removed from her care and placed under various wardships in order to keep him safe and watched by those loyal to the Crown.
    • She was nobody’s fool. Despite her youth, Margaret proved herself shrewd and calculating. The Wars of the Roses pitted family against family, and allegiances were fluid.
    • She was far from a weak and feeble woman. Ever-changing political alliances meant taking risks and gambles. Margaret was an active participant in intrigue and plotting, and many believe she masterminded Buckingham’s Rebellion (1483), whilst some theorize she may have been behind the murder of the Princes in the Tower.
  5. Sep 16, 2020 · Lady Margaret Beaufort (1443–1509), Countess of Richmond and Derby, Foundress 16th C. unknown artist. Christ's College, University of Cambridge. In these portraits, Margaret appears as the image of piety, charity and philanthropy, the virtuous matriarch of a dynasty.

  6. Margaret Beaufort was now a widow at 13, and six months pregnant on top of that— but her ordeal was just beginning. Margaret almost died giving birth to the Tudor dynasty. Her youth and petite stature proved dangerous to not only Margaret herself, but her unborn baby as well.

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