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  1. Jun 22, 2022 · The Legion of Honour is a national order of France, meaning a public incorporated body. The Legion is regulated by a civil law code, the "Code of the Legion of Honour and of the Military Medal".

    • Excellent civil or military conduct, delivered, upon official investigation
    • Honneur et patrie ("Honour and Country")
    • History
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    Dur­ing the French Rev­o­lu­tion, all of the French or­ders of chivalry were abol­ished, and re­placed with Weapons of Ho­n­our. It was the wish of Napoleon Bona­parte, the First Con­sul, to cre­ate a re­ward to com­mend civil­ians and sol­diers. From this wish was in­sti­tuted a Lé­gion d'honneur, a body of men that was not an order of chivalry, for Napoleon be­lieved that France wanted a recog­ni­tion of merit rather than a new sys­tem of no­bil­ity. How­ever, the Lé­gion d'honneur did use...

    First Empire

    In a de­cree is­sued on the 10 Plu­viôse XIII (30 Jan­u­ary 1805), a grand dec­o­ra­tion was in­sti­tuted. This dec­o­ra­tion, a cross on a large sash and a sil­ver star with an eagle, sym­bol of the Napoleonic Em­pire, be­came known as the Grand aigle (Grand Eagle), and later in 1814 as the Grand cordon (big sash, lit­er­ally "big rib­bon"). After Napoleon crowned him­self Em­peror of the French in 1804 and es­tab­lished the Napoleonic no­bil­ity in 1808, award of the Lé­gion d'honneur gave...

    Restoration of the Bourbon King of France in 1814

    Louis XVIII changed the ap­pear­ance of the order, but it was not abol­ished. To have done so would have an­gered the 35,000 to 38,000 mem­bers. The im­ages of Napoleon and his eagle were re­moved and re­placed by the image of King Henry IV, the pop­u­lar first king of the Bour­bon line. Three Bour­bon fleurs-de-lys re­placed the eagle on the re­verse of the order. A king's crown re­placed the im­pe­r­ial crown. In 1816, the grand cor­dons were re­named grand crosses and the le­gion­naires be...

    Legal status and leadership

    The Le­gion of Ho­n­our is a na­tional order of France, mean­ing a pub­lic in­cor­po­rated body. The Le­gion is reg­u­lated by a civil law code, the "Code of the Le­gion of Ho­n­our and of the Mil­i­tary Medal". While the Pres­i­dent of the French Re­pub­lic is the Grand Mas­ter of the order, day-to-day run­ning is en­trusted to the Grand Chancery (Grande Chan­cel­le­rie de la Lé­gion d'honneur).


    There are five classes in the Le­gion of Ho­n­our: 1. Chevalier(Knight): minimum 20 years of public service or 25 years of professional activity with "eminent merits" 2. Officier (Officer): minimum 8 years in the rank of Chevalier 3. Commandeur (Commander): minimum 5 years in the rank of Officier 4. Grand officier (Grand Officer): minimum 3 years in the rank of Commandeur 5. Grand-croix (Grand Cross): minimum 3 years in the rank of Grand-officier The "em­i­nent mer­its" re­quired to be awarde...

    The order has had five lev­els since the reign of King Louis XVIII, who re­stored the order in 1815. Since the re­form, the fol­low­ing dis­tinc­tions have ex­isted: 1. Three ranks: 1.1. Chevalier(knight): badge worn on left breast suspended from ribbon. 1.2. Officier (Officer): badge worn on left breast suspended from a ribbon with a rosette. 1.3....

    Orig­i­nal Lé­gion­nairein­signia (1804).
    Late Em­pire Lé­gion­nairein­signia: the front fea­tures Napoleon's pro­file and the rear, the im­pe­r­ial Eagle. An im­pe­r­ial crown joins the cross and the rib­bon.
    Louis XVIII era (1814) Knight in­signia: the front fea­tures Henry IV's pro­file and the rear, the arms of the French King­dom (three fleurs-de-lis). A royal crown joins the cross and the rib­bon.
    Rear of a Re­pub­li­can cross, with two crossed French flags.
    List of Légion d'honneurrecipients by name
    List of British recipients of the Légion d'Honneurfor the Crimean War
    List of foreign recipients of the Légion d'Honneur
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  4. 4 days ago · Romaine par son nom (inspirée par la Legio honoratorum conscripta de l' Antiquité) 3, par son symbolisme (les aigles) et son organisation (seize cohortes pour la France ), la Légion d'honneur infléchit la tradition des ordres d' Ancien Régime en étant ouverte à tous, et non plus seulement aux officiers a.

    • Militaires ou civils
    • Ordre honorifique civil et militaire
    • Toujours décerné
    • France
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