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  1. Li Xiaoran (Chinese: 李小冉; born 8 May 1976) is a Chinese actress. She graduated from Beijing Dance Academy at the age of 17, and was the only dancer recruited into the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe from Beijing.

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    Li Xiaoran (Chinese: 李小冉; born 8 May 1976) is a Chinese actress. She graduated from Beijing Dance Academy at the age of 17, and was the only dancer recruited into the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe from Beijing.

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    Xiaoran Li was born on May 8, 1976 in Peking, China. She is an actress, known for The Nightingale (2013), Qing yu nian (2019) and Yin Fa Zhi Ming (2019). See full bio »

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    Now, Li Xiao Ran has become China's most beloved soap opera star. She has also starred in the French-Canadian film The Chinese Botanist's Daughter, about the daughter of a famous Chinese botanist teacher and a female intern who fall in love with each other - a forbidden love that must be kept secret.

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    • May 8, 1976
  5. Dec 26, 2020 · Li Haoran and Wallace Chung at the drama’s boot ceremony the other day. The rumours are true! After much speculation that Wallace Chung and Li Xiaoran will be working together ten long years after their period drama hit the screens, the onscreen couple once voted the “Internet’s Most Popular Screen Couple Award” waaaay before couple shipping was even a thing is back with a brand new ...

  6. Hello! My name is Xiaoran Li and I am an MS student at SMU studying Business Analytics. I will be graduating in May 2021 and I am seeking full-time employment. After my undergraduate study at Drury...

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    The name Syaoran is of Chinese origin, and both in this language and in Japanese, it means "little wolf". His last name is very common in China and that means "cherry tree". Syaoran's name has different pronunciations and translations according to the different countries, such as Syaoran, Xiaolang, Shaoran and Showron.

    Syaoran has short chestnut hair and large amber eyes. He is short in height compared to his male classmates, such as Yamazaki, but is overall taller than Sakura and Tomoyo. He appears to have grown in Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card and, later, theClear Card series. His summer uniform is a white, T-shirt with short sleeves along with a red neckerchief with a black stripe and a black pants, along with a white sailor-like hat with a black tassels. He wears white socks and black shoes. His winter school uniform is a black long-sleeved shirt with red and white sleeve cuffs, a white neckerchief with a red stripe, black pants, white socks and black shoes.

    Unlike Sakura, a very happy tomboy who is enjoys sports, skating and playing video games, Syaoran is a kind, shy and gentle little boy, who studying magic, reading books that Clow Reed written, and hates Japanese grammar. He first appears as Sakura's rival in the story, capturing a few cards for himself in the anime. His initial attitude towards her was cold, critical, and socially awkward, to the extent of never even addressing her by her first name until the third season, and often criticized her bluntly for her flaws and clumsiness. He was also portrayed as somewhat of a loner, given that he had been taught to be independent and self-reliant since childhood. However, as the series progresses, and especially after Sakura is officially deemed the new mistress of the Cards, Syaoran drops his rivalistic attitude towards her, and becomes a reliable ally and a beloved friend. As they spend more time together, Syaoran begins to develop romantic feelings for Sakura and becomes annoyed wh...

    Sakura Kinomoto

    "I...I love you." In the beginning of the series, Syaoran is extremely antagonistic towards Sakura; spawned from his belief that they should compete for the cards to see who is worthy of wielding them. On his first day at Sakura's school, before he even knows her name, he glares hatefully at her, causing her to worry. During recess, he proceeded to say she was hopeless as the cards' holder and physically attacked her in an attempt to steal them but was thwarted by Touya and Yukito. This was t...

    Yukito Tsukishiro

    Before his relationship with Sakura, Syaoran had a sensed on Yukito Tsukishiro; often blushing madly and abruptly running away at the sight of him. While Sakura also had a crush on Yukito, Syaoran would often compete with her for his affections. As he shows no interest in Sakura in the first season, the impression is given that he and Sakura are rivals, for the cards and for love. It is revealed later that Syaoran was attracted to the magic-energies of the moon, which sometimes gave the sensa...

    Tomoyo Daidouji

    In the beginning, Syaoran neither liked nor disliked Tomoyo Daidouji, seemingly preferring to not take much notice of her. However, as he grew to open up his heart to others, they became good friends, though it did not stop Tomoyo from frequently teasing Syaoran about his secret love for Sakura, or provoking his jealousy by pointing out how gallant and charming Eriol is. Nonetheless, she proves herself to still be a reliable friend and ally to Syaoran by giving him advice on his feelings for...

    Magical & Supernatural detection: Due to his life long tutelage, Syaoran possesses a greater degree of magical sensitivity than Sakura. He is able to not only sense the Clow Cards in a greater area...

    Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic

    In Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Syaoran is mentioned by Sakura Li as she stated she met her counterpart in her dream alongside her boyfriend, as she received the wand, but he was not shown in the dream. Syaoran is mentioned in xxxHolicas living in the same world as Yuuko Ichihara and Kimihiro Watanuki. In a later chapter he is mentioned as living with Sakura. Watanuki expresses a desire to one day meet the both of them.

    In Nelvana's English dubbed version Cardcaptors, Syaoran's first and last name are switched around as Li Showron and many other changes were made to his character. Particularly in the English adaptation, where his infatuation with Yukito (Julian) is changed to fear caused by shyness and his romantic feelings for Sakura are watered down but still evident. In Cardcaptorshe also seems to be more arrogant and his initial hostility towards Sakura is elevated. While the two still eventually become friends, Syaoran still feels some resentment towards Sakura, instead of developing love. A major change to Syaoran's character in Cardcaptors involves elevating him to become the male lead character, rather than a supporting character for Sakura in Cardcaptor Sakura. Here, Syaoran is also referred to as a Cardcaptor, while he has no such title in the original series, as Cerberus never selected him, and he has no initial ability to seal cards for himself.

    Despite possible timeline inconsistencies for either the anime or manga versions, Sakura's age was confirmed to be 13 in Clear Card arc's start by the official CCS app and Sakura’s Japanese voice a...
    Like Sakura, Syaoran enjoys more boyish hobbies, and is very good at sports and video games.
    The "Card Captor Sakura Memorial Book" (2001) contained an interview with Clamp and a statementregarding the nature of Sakura's relationship with Syaoran, Ohkawa stating: she was glad the readers w...
    Syaoran's four sisters are mentioned in the anime, and are only seen in the first Cardcaptor Sakura movie. His sisters are Fuutie, Shiefa (alternative spelling Xiefa), Fanren and Feimei. His mother...
  8. Wallace Chung, Li Xiaoran reunite after a decade in upcoming ... › 2020/12/25 › wallace-chung-li-xiaoran

    Dec 25, 2020 · Acclaimed melodrama Too Late To Say I Love You costars Wallace Chung and Li Xiaoran will be playing reunited lovers in For the Rest of My Life 往后余生 (lit.), an adaption of Feiwo Sicun’s novel of the same name.

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    Xiaoran Li Zhenhe Suo Abstract Ethidium bromide (EtBr) is an intercalating agent, which binds tightly to mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) during replication, and so blocks the function of mitochondria.

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    Li Xiaoran pictures : Other Li Xiaoran pictures : To Love Or Not (1) Les Filles du botaniste (8) Top Advertise with Google AdSense Submit ...

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