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  1. Otto Kittel - Wikipedia › wiki › Otto_Kittel

    6 days ago · Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords Otto "Bruno" Kittel (21 February 1917 – 14 or 16 February 1945) was a World War II Luftwaffe flying ace . He flew 583 combat missions on the Eastern Front , claiming 267 aerial victories, making him the fourth highest scoring ace in aviation history.

  2. Sepp Dietrich - Wikipedia › wiki › Sepp_Dietrich

    1 day ago · Instead of being censured for his act of defiance, Dietrich was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. During this campaign members of the Leibstandarte 2nd Battalion were responsible for the murder of 80 British and French POWs, in what became known as the Wormhoudt massacre .

  3. Gustav Lombard - Wikipedia › wiki › Gustav_Lombard

    3 days ago · German Cross on 11 February 1943 as SS-Obersturmbannführer in Reiter-Regiment 1./SS-Kavallerie-Division; Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 10 March 1943 as SS-Obersturmbannführer and commander of SS-Kavallerie-Regiment 1; See also. List SS-Brigadeführer; References Citations

  4. Johannes Wiese - Wikipedia › wiki › Johannes_Wiese

    4 days ago · Staffel (2nd squadron) of JG 52 and received the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 5 January 1943 following his 53rd aerial victory. On 11 May 1943, Wiese was tasked with the leadership of I. Gruppe (1st group) of JG 52 and was officially appointed its Gruppenkommandeur (group commander) on 13 November 1943.

  5. Hans "Assi" Hahn - Wikipedia › wiki › Hans_"Assi"_Hahn

    5 days ago · Iron Cross (1939) 2nd Class (30 May 1940) 1st Class (13 June 1940) Front Flying Clasp of the Luftwaffe in Gold (26 April 1941) German Cross in Gold on 16 July 1942 as Hauptmann in the III./Jagdgeschwader 2; Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves. Knight's Cross on 24 September 1940 as Oberleutnant and pilot in the 4./

  6. Léon Degrelle - Wikipedia › wiki › Léon_Degrelle

    3 days ago · Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves Léon Joseph Marie Ignace Degrelle ( French: [dəgʁɛl] ; 15 June 1906 – 31 March 1994) [3] was a Belgian Walloon politician and one of the most important Nazi collaborators and later, one of the founding fathers of Holocaust denial [4] from Belgium . [5]

  7. Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist - Wikipedia › wiki › Paul_Ludwig_Ewald_von_Kleist

    4 days ago · Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist (8 August 1881 – 13 November 1954) was a German field marshal during World War II.Kleist was the commander of Panzer Group Kleist (later 1st Panzer Army), the first operational formation of several Panzer corps in the Wehrmacht during the Battle of France, the Battle of Belgium, the Invasion of Yugoslavia and Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union.

  8. Order of Karađorđe's Star - Wikipedia › wiki › Order_of_the_Karađorđe&

    5 days ago · Foreign recipients included American General John J. Pershing, the British Field marshal Douglas Haig, the French generals Joseph Joffre, Maurice Sarrail, Philippe Pétain, and Louis Franchet d'Espèrey, and King Ferdinand I of Romania.

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