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    With a 2020 population of 3,898,747, [8] it is the largest city in the state, as well as the second-largest city in the United States following New York City. Los Angeles is known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic and cultural diversity, Hollywood film industry, and sprawling metropolitan area.

  2. Jun 16, 2022 · Los Angeles, the heart of southern California, became a world-class city very recently. At the start of the 20th century it was considered merely “a large village.” This ascendancy is all the more remarkable considering that the city originally lacked some of the essential building blocks associated with cityhood, such as a natural harbour.

  3. Los Angeles County had a population of 9,818,605 in the 2010 United States Census. [26] This includes a natural increase since the last census of 583,364 people (i.e., 1,152,564 births minus 569,200 deaths) and a decrease due to net migration of 361,895 people.

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    Los Angeles, California (also known as L.A. for short) is a metropolis known for its dry summer climate, ethnic diversity, and Hollywood entertainment industry. The Los Angeles metropolitan area has a gross metropolitan product of $1.0 trillion (as of 2017), making it the third-largest city by GDP in the world, after the Tokyo and New York. Los Ang...

    US underground system L.A. underground discovered around the turn of the 20th century.

    Los Angeles County is one of the only counties in California to have a county name after itself. Other notable one is being San Diego County. You can fly from Vista to Los Angeles and will still cost you around USD$300.

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