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  1. Louis, Dauphin of France, Duke of Burgundy (6 August 1682 – 18 February 1712), was the eldest son of Louis, Grand Dauphin, and Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria and grandson of the reigning French king, Louis XIV. He was known as the "Petit Dauphin" to distinguish him from his father.

  2. Louis of France (16 August 1682 – 18 February 1712) was the eldest son of Louis, Dauphin of France, known as le Grand Dauphin and, as such, was known as le Petit Dauphin. He became Dauphin of France upon his father's death in 1711. Biography [ change | change source] Éléments de géométrie, 1713

    • 14 April 1711 – 18 February 1712
  3. Louis Joseph Xavier, Duke of Burgundy (13 September 1751 – 22 March 1761), was born a French prince of the House of Bourbon, and as such was second-in-line to the throne of France, ranking behind his father, the Dauphin Louis, himself the son of Louis XV and his popular Queen, Marie Leczinska.

    • 22 March 1761 (aged 9), Palace of Versailles, France
    • Bourbon
  4. Louis Alphonse was recognised by some members of the Capetian dynasty as Chef de la Maison de Bourbon (Head of the House of Bourbon) [10] [12] and took the title Duke of Anjou, but not his father's Spanish dukedom. He is considered the rightful pretender to the defunct French throne by adherents of the Legitimist movement. [10]

  5. Louis, Duke of Burgundy , was the eldest son of Louis, Grand Dauphin, and Dauphine Maria Anna and grandson of the reigning King Louis XIV of France. He was known as the "Petit Dauphin" to distinguish him from his father, who died in April 1711, when the former became the official Dauphin of France.

  6. Duke of Burgundy ( French: duc de Bourgogne) was a title used by the rulers of the Duchy of Burgundy, from its establishment in 843 to its annexation by France in 1477, and later by Holy Roman Emperors and Kings of Spain from the House of Habsburg who claimed Burgundy proper and ruled the Burgundian inheritance in the Low Countries. [1]

  7. French Royalty. The eldest son of Louis, Le Grand Dauphin, and his wife Duchess Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria, he was born in the Palace of Versailles. As the eldest son, he was known as Le Petit Dauphin. He received the title Duke of Burgundy at birth, and was second in the line of succession to the throne. At age...

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