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  1. Louis IX, commonly known as Saint Louis or Louis the Saint, was King of France from 1226 to 1270, and the most illustrious of the Direct Capetians. He was crowned in Reims at the age of 12, following the death of his father Louis VIII. His mother, Blanche of Castile, ruled the kingdom as regent until he reached maturity, and then remained his valued adviser until her death. During Louis' childhood, Blanche dealt with the opposition of rebellious vassals and secured Capetian success in the Albige

  2. Louis IX, also called Saint Louis, (born April 25, 1214, Poissy, France—died August 25, 1270, near Tunis [now in Tunisia]; canonized August 11, 1297, feast day August 25), king of France from 1226 to 1270, the most popular of the Capetian monarchs. He led the Seventh Crusade to the Holy Land in 1248–50 and died on another Crusade to Tunisia.

  3. St. Louis IX, King of France was born at Poissy on April 25, 1214. His parents were Louis VIII, King of France and Queen Blanche of Castile. He was Capetian king of France from 1226 to 1270. He led the seventh Crusade to the Holy Land in 1248-50. Louis died on August 25, 1270, near Tunis on the eighth Crusade to Tunisia.1

  4. Louis was born at Poissy, near Paris. He was the son of Louis VIII of France and Blanche of Castile. Louis was eleven years old when his father died on November 8, 1226. He was crowned king the same year in the cathedral at Reims. Because Louis was so young, his mother ruled France as regent while he was a child.

  5. Louis IX, who was canonized in 1297, is the best-known Capetian ruler. He impressed all who came in touch with him, and the records of his reign—anecdotal and historical as well as official—leave no doubt that he commanded affection and respect in a combination and to an extent that were unique.

  6. Louis IX of France. (King of France from 1226 to 1270) Louis IX of France, later canonized Saint Louis, was a Christian crusader and monarch of the 13th century. He inherited the French throne at the age of 12. His reign is marked by a series of reforms, which brought about peace and stability in his kingdom. He reorganized the justice system, forbade practices like 'trial by ordeal' and introduced 'presumption of innocence' in criminal cases.

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